What is a burnout textile?

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Burn-out textiles is a technique used to develop raised designs on fabric surface.This is primarirly being done in fabrics with atleast 2 different fibre content i.e Cotton-Polyester , Silk-Rayon etc.Here one fibre component is being dissolved thru chemical reactions while the other content remains intact giving away raised illusion designs.
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What are textiles?

Textiles are woven materials. They can include material made from any number of plant and animal materials, such as cotton, wool, camelhair, hemp, and flax (linen).

What is textile?

Textiles are products made using textile fibers ... a textile fiber is any substance which have some essencialproperties like Crimp, lusture, atleast 1:30 width to length rat

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What is textiling?

Textile is another word for clothing-manufacturing them.
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