What is a custom made software?

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Software that is designed specifically for a particular use or company, and is not of interest to a wide range of people is custom made. A company may need software to do some very specific job and there is nothing that can be bought that will do it. So what they will do is get some software specially made for them. That is custom made software.
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What is custom made software?

Custom made software refers to a program or application that isspecifically designed to meet a particular need. Some organizationswill need customized software for their opera

What is custom software?

Custom software is a designing of a website or a software appthatÕs established for a specific company or user. It istailor-made for the needs of the people who will engage

Advantages and disadvantages of custom-made software?

custom written software is a software that hardly people can use and also more expensive Well that doesnt make sense. Custom written software is very expensive so not many peo

Differences of generic software and custom software?

Generic software development is the one done for "General Purpose" audience whist "Custom Software Development" is done to satisfy a particular need of a particular client. Ge

What is Pre Written software And customized Software?

Pre-Written Software: There are two type of prewritten software 1:- Application Software a:- General Purpose Software b:- Special Purpose Software 2:- System Softwa

What are the advantages of custom made software?

It will have been tailored to your needs. If you want the software to be able to do something, you tell the developer who your are paying to make the software to put it in, wh

What is Customer Service Software?

Customer Service Software is used to improve customer satisfaction. Live chat, ticket, knowledge base, help desk, forum are popular customer service tools. Live chat is used t

What is the main purpose of custom software?

The main purpose of custom software is to make customized productsfor different customers. This is because it is not easy to getclients, who want the same product.

Where is custom software developed?

Many companies provide custom software development and androidapplication development services. Instead of hiring a company, youcan hire freelance custom software developer to

What is the best customer retention software?

Varoli Corporation is the industry leader in customer retention software. Their software can help you to keep your customers satisfied. The software will allow you to keep tra
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Where can you buy customer support software?

Customer support software can be purchased through variouse computer support companies such as Zendesk, Novosolutions, Kayako, Sysaidccs, Net Suite, Manage Engine and H2desk.

How do i find a customer relationship software?

In order to find customer relationship software you must first know which product you need help with. The best ways to then find the software would be to either call a custome

What is the best customer service software?

Customer service software can be a great tool that enables andencourages self-service in customer service. They can guide usersthrough tasks in real time so that they can get
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Where can you purchase customer database software?

The best way to purchase customer database software is to use the internet to find the one you're interested in, then purchase it from the manufacturers website. This is helpf