What is a custom made software?

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Software that is designed specifically for a particular use or company, and is not of interest to a wide range of people is custom made. A company may need software to do some very specific job and there is nothing that can be bought that will do it. So what they will do is get some software specially made for them. That is custom made software.
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What is custom made software?

Custom made software refers to a program or application that isspecifically designed to meet a particular need. Some organizationswill need customized software for their operations.

What is custom software?

Custom software is a designing of a website or a software appthatÕs established for a specific company or user. It istailor-made for the needs of the people who will engage into thissoftware.

Advantages and disadvantages of custom-made software?

custom written software is a software that hardly people can use and also more expensive Well that doesnt make sense. Custom written software is very expensive so not many people use it but the companies that do use it can get specific buiness needs using the program

What is custom written software?

It is software that is specifically written to do a particular job and which may be of no use to anyone else. Anyone can use a word processor and it is sold to the wider public. Custom written software might be written for a particular company and they will be the only one that will ever use it. An (MORE)

Why would you choose custom software over custom of the shelf software?

Custom software allows you to control all aspects of a software application that is specifically built to support your business process. Off the Shelf Software, allows a certain amount of flexibility, but will require you to conform to processes that the system allows. The difference is like betwe (MORE)

What are the disadvantages and advantages of custom written software?

Two advantages of custom written software are that the software isspecific for the needs of the consumer, and the consumer owns thesoftware after it is written for them. Two disadvantages are thatthis software often needs debugged, which can take hours, and theconsumer does not get the credit for wr (MORE)

What is software made of?

The software is commonly found in any gadget like a computer.Softwares are made by writing instructions such as Java and visualbasic.

Differences of generic software and custom software?

Generic software development is the one done for "General Purpose" audience whist "Custom Software Development" is done to satisfy a particular need of a particular client. General Purpose software development is tough as compared with Custom made; not by the skills required to develop the applicati (MORE)

What is Pre Written software And customized Software?

Pre-Written Software: There are two type of prewritten software 1:- Application Software a:- General Purpose Software b:- Special Purpose Software 2:- System Software. a:- System Support Software. b:- System Development Software. c:- System Control software. (Note:- You can take (MORE)

Difference between package software and custom software?

Package software is couple of programs combined together which is recommended by the company that provides you the pack the custom software is where you can select the kind of programs and the execution of the software according to your need

What is custom designed software?

Custom designed software is usually an application that has been modified to work for a specitic company to keep track of and cross referance information or users in a definite way. It can be any software made to do a specific function not available otherwise. definition copied from wikipedia: Cus (MORE)

Disadvantages of custom developed software?

While there are advantages to custom software tailored to your specific needs, there are several disadvantages as well. The quality depends on the company or person you commission to build your program. Custom software may not follow standard protocols and be unable to interact with other programs e (MORE)

What are the advantages of custom made software?

It will have been tailored to your needs. If you want the software to be able to do something, you tell the developer who your are paying to make the software to put it in, whereas with off the shelf software, when you ask for a new feature, the developer has much less incentive to provide it as you (MORE)

How are software made?

The detail is too complicated to go into here. In simple terms, people write instructions in common computer languages to create programs. Initially people will come with ideas of what they want to do, and then plan it and design it and finally type it into the computer. A few other things have to b (MORE)

Advantage of custom-written software?

It fits the needs of your purpose perfectly, without any excess orunneeded features. It will cover any unusual needs of a companywhich wouldn't be fulfilled if bought 'off the shelf.'

Difference between packaged and customized software?

Many prepackaged mobile software providers claim to provide custom applications; however, most of the time they are only customizing fields within a predesigned software package. The result is, instead of getting a program designed around the needs of an organization's unique business model, the org (MORE)

Types of custom-written software?

Account Billing Software. Not as advanced as accountings software, but enough details and abilities to be able to track jobs and invoice customers. . Accounting Software. Enough information management to handle income, expenses, accounts, profit/loss statements and other accounting software abili (MORE)

How is a software made?

It is really hard to explain in a few words; I suggest you register for an introductory course in computer programming, to get an idea. For example, there is a good course at udacity (using the Python programming language).

What is custom writing software?

Custon Written software is a software which is written for one specific occasion. It mat be that a researcher needs to do a lot of complex calculations.

What is Customer Service Software?

Customer Service Software is used to improve customer satisfaction. Live chat, ticket, knowledge base, help desk, forum are popular customer service tools. Live chat is used to engage your website visitors in real time; Ticket enables you to track customer inquiries from multiple channels; Knowledge (MORE)

Where is custom software developed?

Many companies provide custom software development and androidapplication development services. Instead of hiring a company, youcan hire freelance custom software developer to fulfil your needsand requirements. Dmitry Khodarenok is prominently known forcustom software development and working in th (MORE)

What is the best customer retention software?

Varoli Corporation is the industry leader in customer retention software. Their software can help you to keep your customers satisfied. The software will allow you to keep track of customers and increased sales.

What is customer management software?

Customer management software is computer software that allows businesses to better manage their customers. It organizes information, keeps track of market sales, and customer service.

Where can you buy customer support software?

Customer support software can be purchased through variouse computer support companies such as Zendesk, Novosolutions, Kayako, Sysaidccs, Net Suite, Manage Engine and H2desk.

Is there custom support software for purchase?

Yes there are in fact several custom support software for purchase. One is called Intuit Quickbase and can be purchased online. There are many that can be bought online, including the program Service Cloud.

How do i find a customer relationship software?

In order to find customer relationship software you must first know which product you need help with. The best ways to then find the software would be to either call a customer service number (should be located on the packaging) or check out the product's website.

How can i find out about reliable customer software?

"NetSuite is a wonderful program that offers extremely reliable and reputable customer software. I know this from personal experience, and the best way for you to find out about this topic is to talk with people who have had to use customer software."

Are customised and custom written software the same?

I would imagine customized software as being written for many different people, but having the ability to specify applications that would suit a specific purpose for a business. Although the program could be for general use, there will be features "customized" for the end user. Custom written softw (MORE)

What is the best customer service software?

Customer service software can be a great tool that enables andencourages self-service in customer service. They can guide usersthrough tasks in real time so that they can get their issues solvedwithout calling the call center. Every company will call their software the best. There are manylists ava (MORE)

Where can you purchase customer database software?

The best way to purchase customer database software is to use the internet to find the one you're interested in, then purchase it from the manufacturers website. This is helpful in two ways, as you are helping support the developer and guarenteeing you get a valid, legal copy of the software.

What types of software does HP offer their customers?

HP offers every type of software imaginable - office software such as word processing or accounting, manufacturing management software, as well as software development tools. HP also provides all the operating system software, utilities, and troubleshooting tools for each type of hardware system t (MORE)

What does the website Software QA do for customers?

The website Software QA provides for its customers consulting services and testing aids for software programmers. The website has a selection of tests that are aimed to help the readers to excel in the software field.

What are some customer service support software?

In today's world so much business is done online or over the telephone that nearly ever company in the world has a customer service depart. To help keep these companies organized software has been created to ehlp meet their needs. List is a short list of some names you may recognize: Manage Engine, (MORE)

Who can do custom software applications?

Custom software applications are offered by OpenSkySoftware, WebFaction Software, 10th Magnitude, Web Tech Software, Custom Software Lab, and Zeon Solutions.

How do you test a customer facing software?

While testing an application, we try to see if a certain set ofrequirements are met by the application or not. But, when it comesto a user facing site then apart from concentrating onfunctionality software testing services provider have to look intofew usability features, performance and security in (MORE)