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What is a cute baby girl's name?

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What is your baby girl's name?

I don't have a baby but some good names for your babies would be.   1. Alexa   2. Hallie   3. Erika   4. Naleen   5. Tess   I personally like the name Emily,

What are cute names for a baby girl?

Some examples include: IsabellaDarleneClarissaMishaSashaCarlineKarenMarilinKerrieCheyenneTabithaTaylorTaliaNataliaAnnabelleJordanAutumnKiarasaraMileyDestineyNatalieHannahAsh

What is the cutes baby name?

Boys 1. Jacob 2. Michael 3. Joshua 4. Matthew 5. Ethan Girls 1. Emily 2. Emma 3. Madison 4. Abigail 5. Olivia

What are cute names for your baby?

BABY BOY NAMES BABY GIRL NAMES ------------------- --------------------- Hunter,Aurthur Brook,Lily Alex,Robert Hallie,Maise Justin,Max Malissa,Sara Charlie,Bob Kimmi,Lola B

Is Hannah a cute baby name?

I think that the keywords are "Is Hannah a cute baby name?" Unfortunately, all I see it as is the very infantile, juvenile, "girlish" name that it is. Even as a child, I secr