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What is a firebrand in viva viva pinata pocket paradise?

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It is a ornament , it can be found at costolots shop ..
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How do you get jeli on viva pinata pocket paradise?

As soon as you reach level 6, on the night you must look for a Jeli, It wont flash up saying ''new appearance' then a picture of a Jeli, but it will show up on the overhead ma

How do you get a Jeli on Viva Pinata Pocket Paradise?

The Jeli appears at level 6 and it must be nighttime in the garden. Don't put your camera up to the Jeli or else it'll leave. When it enters the garden, whack him with your sh

How do you get donuts on viva pinata pocket paradise?

You can not get doghnuts on Viva Pinata Pocket Paradise. Yes you can, I have one. They like long grass, gooseberry bushes and blackberry bushes. I don't know who you are abov

How do you get a doenut on viva pinata pocket paradise?

Appear: Have 100 pinomenters of grass (100%), Have 50 pinometers of long grass (5%). Visit: Have 60 pinometers of long grass (6%) or 10 gooseberries in the garden. Residen

Who is Ruffian in Viva Pinata pocket paradise?

A Ruffian is a 'thing' sent out from the one and only evil Proffesor Pester to destroy your garden and everything that belongs in it....... you can make them resident but i do
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What pinatas are there on viva pinata pocket paradise?

THESE ARE ALL THE PINATAS YOU CAN GET:   Arocknid · Badgesicle · Barkbark · Bispotti · Bonboon · Bunnycomb · Buzzenge · Buzzlegum · Candary · Chewnicorn · Chippo
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How do you get a bonboon on viva pinata pocket paradise?

get a taffly to fertalise 80 plants then get a cocoadile to fertalise 30.then you have to get 50 bananas in your garden, 4 roarios and 1 dragonache, 6 zumbugs and 2 cinnamonke