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Folk Song

Folk song covers many musical styles but is usually referred to a narrative song that uses traditional melodies to speak on a particular topic. Topical folk songs often address social and political issues, such as work, war, popular opinion.

Folk songs are commonly songs that express something about life that exists, existed, or is about to disappear (or sometimes to be preserved or somehow revived). However, despite the assembly of much work over some two centuries, there's still no certain definition of what folk music (or folklore or the folk) is.

A folk song is a traditional song that our forefathers sang.
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What are the folk songs of the Philippines?

SOME PHILIPPINE FOLK SONGS Below are some Philippine folk songs:   * Bahay Kubo  * Cariñosa  * Dandansoy  * Lubi-lubi

What are the function of folk songs?

1. Ballads / Narrative Songs 2. Lullaby Songs 3. Love And Courtship Songs 4. Friendship And Conviviality Songs 5. Work Songs 6. Ritual Songs My name is gladdy fa

What are the Folk song in region 9?

Region 9 is a political district located in the Philippines. Some  of the folk songs from this region include the Zamboanga.

Philippines folk song and its origin?

An example of a Filipino folk song is Magtanim ay Di Biro. That  particular song is Tagalog in origin. Many Filipino folk songs have  roots in the diatonic scale.

What is the elements of folk song?

Pitch (which governs melody and harmony), Rhythm (and its associated concepts tempo, meter, and articulation), Dynamics, and the sonic qualities of Timbre and Texture.

What are the characteristics of Filipino folk songs?

    Mot filipino folk songs are sentimental love songs -- serenades, songs about unrequited love, or lost love. They tend to begin in a minor key and shift to a majo

The different types of folk songs?

Folk music comes from all types of cultures and may sound different  in each area of the world. Folk music is referred to as roots music  because it goes back to the roots o

What are some folk songs in Luzon?

Some Luzon folk songs include: Ano dawidtong nasa cogonLubi-lubi Manang bidaySarung BanguiSa higdaanNacadangog acoHinuni nin sarong gamgamSa luba coKaturugan Baco cundiSimong