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Fuses have two basic ratings. The first is current rating. The current rating is the amount of current that a fuse will safely pass before blowing. When the current flow through a fuse exceeds its rating, it opens up and breaks the circuit. If a fuse has a 5 A rating, it will open as current flow through it exceeds 5 amps. It is useful to note that there are some fuses that are designated as time delay. These fuses will sustain current in excess to their current rating for a short period before blowing. The fuse that blows immediately when its rated current is exceeded is an instantaneous fuse. The other way fuses are rated is by voltage. So when selecting a fuse, be sure that both the current and voltage rating are suitable for the application.
Fuse rating is the permissible minimal current to pass in the fuse element,without causing the fuse to blow or melt.
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How are fuses rated?

Fuses are rated by amperage (current) and voltage. The larger the current need, the larger the rating of the fuse, to handle the current. The voltage rating of a fuse defines

What rate is E blade fuse?

You may be looking at the fuse upside down... if it's violet colored, it's a 3 amp fuse.

Why the size of a fuse holder increase as the rating of a fuse?

As a general rule, the larger the current rating of the fuse, the larger will be the fuse holder (or at least the metal contacts) because it will have to be capable of handlin

How do you calculate fuse rating?

First of all you need to observe maximum current at various possible supply condition (i. e. 220VAC to 260VAC). Then check the inrush current for the equipment. When you start

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A 10 Gage wire will carry 30 amps. But if you are talking 10 Gage fusible link wire then that's different, a fusible link wire is a delayed fuse & will melt if over loaded. T