What is a gold digger?

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A male or female that dates someone for their money. It is very wrong so stop don't do it.
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What is a gold diggers marriage?

\nA gold digger primarily enters into a marriage with someone wealthier than themselves for financial benefits. Either the wealthier spouse is unaware of the gold digger's motives, or the wealthier spouse requires the 'gold digger' to reciprocate with sex, companionship, bearing children, looking l (MORE)

What did the gold diggers eat?

The miners during the Gold Rush ate a lot of dried foods, likebeans and pork. They also ate apples, biscuits, and molasses.

What do gold diggers do?

Gold diggers are usually females, and they dig gold, usually from the pockets of super rich old men. They use their sexy looks, charms and assertiveness to go after a rich old man and extract all his wealth. In the process, they break up his family, kick out his existing wife, and install themselves (MORE)

In the gold rush what did the diggers usually wear?

They wore Levi's. Mr. Levi Strauss found a need for sturdy, wearable clothing while he himself was a miner. He imported the cloth denim from France because of it's durability and added rivets to the stress points at the pockets. Thus was born an American clothing legend. Mr. Strauss became extremely (MORE)

How long did the gold rush last what happened to the diggers and where did they go?

The goldrush in Australia lasted for about twenty-five years. The first "official" strike occurred in 1851 (even though unofficial gold strikes had been made in NSW and South Australia prior to then) and new strikes were made in Western Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory in the 1870s.. (MORE)

What did gold diggers wear?

The men on the gold fields wore loose-fitting, comfortable clothes. They had long trousers held up with a belt, rope or braces. They tended to wear longer sleeved shirts if they were out in the sun, or sometimes they would strip off their shirts when the heat became unbearable - as it often did.. T (MORE)

Was yoko ono a gold digger?

No. She came from a wealthy family; they cut her off when she married for love instead of social position. She reconciled with them after she married John Lennon, who was her third husband.

What was an average day as a gold digger?

Wake up at 8am, go to work at your normal job. Durnig work you will probably text your other gold digging friends which clubs they think are going to have the richest people at them that night. Get home from work and look for items you want online such as a certain iPod, or a Blackberry. Then go mak (MORE)

Where did gold digger get their clothes?

the gold diggers bought their clothes from the Chinese gold diggers. Because the Chinese did not come for the gold but the came for the opotunities that the gold rush supplyed for them for example woven baskets, clothes, ect.

Are Asian women gold diggers?

yes most of them but not all and white women are gold diggers too. it depends on the woman of your choice. i just hope you pick the right girl for you

Is Celine Dion a gold digger?

yes I doubt the simplistic answer above. Not every woman who marries a rich older man is a gold digger, and with a voice like hers she has little need to be.

How do you identify an individual who is a gold-digger?

Step one Make sure you know the difference between a true gold digger and someone who is just interested in your financial stability. It is guaranteed that in a committed relationship discussions of finances will arise. You will need to depend on each other during the trials of life and having sta (MORE)

Health and safety risks of gold diggers?

I am assuming you mean gold MINER- since a gold digger is something else entirely- Miners are exposed to hazards from mining and hauling equipment, electrical hazards, bad air in underground mines, fires from equipment, rock falls, using explosives, breathing dust, falls from elevations, high noise (MORE)

Is a flapper and a gold digger the same thing?

A flapper would be more anachronistic in today's society since they were women who partied in the 1920s. A gold digger is a woman who married into money, a-la Anna Nicole Smith, or someone who dates rich men. The two could be the same, but flappers were more the partying type. ____ Flappers (MORE)

What troubles did the gold diggers face?

Somebody could steal their land, they could be robbed, they might not find any gold at all, disease might kill them, mine might collapse, run out of food and water, might not be able to feed family or the gold diggers might not be able to get to the gold at all.

Is Kate Middleton a gold digger?

Kate's mother actually pushed Kate into enrolling in St. Andrews because Prince William was going to be there, with hopes of her daughter winning the prince over and it worked. Plus, there is a reason why the press called her Waity Katie because throughout the years they were dating, Kate never got (MORE)

Why were the people on the gold diggers unhappy about the gold licenses?

The miner's licence was unfair to the diggers. It cost a monthly fee of 30 shillings and permitted the holder to work a 3.6 metre square "claim", which was a small area for the fee involved. Licences had to be paid regardless of whether a digger's claim resulted in the finding of any gold. Frequent (MORE)

What is a gold rush digger?

"Digger" was the Australian term for a prospector. Prospectors spend their days digging in the ground for gold; hence the name 'digger'.

Is Kim Kardasian a Gold Digger?

Kim Kardasian... FYI! is NOT A FREAKIN GOLD DIGGER!! how could you rip on someone you dont even know i mean honestly she is the nicest most conciderate person i know! how would you feel if i just went around telling everyone you were a gold digger? Obviously the couple just wants different things so (MORE)

How did diggers live on the gold field?

They survived mainly on bread. They drank tea and the richer miners who could afford it ate mutton but usually went bad in the sun. The equipments included: windlass, cradle, bucket, pick, shovel, wheelbarrow, pan and sluice box. There were many ways of mining including dry blowing, panning, shaft m (MORE)

Why did diggers need a gold mining license?

When the goldrush began, thousands of people flocked to the NewSouth Wales and Victorian goldfields. They left their businesses inthe cities, dropped their trades and left their farms for thegoldfields, so the economy in the cities suffered. In addition,there were thousands more immigrants coming fr (MORE)

What actors and actresses appeared in Gold Digger of Weepah - 1927?

The cast of Gold Digger of Weepah - 1927 includes: Ernie Alexander as Gambler Anita Barnes as Reformer Alice Belcher as Townswoman Alma Bennett as Alma - the Gold Digger Billy Bevan as The Barber Johnny Burke as The Undertaker Andy Clyde as The Miner Who Tells Snake Story Nancy Cornelius as Dance Ha (MORE)

What are the release dates for The Gold Diggers - 1983?

The Gold Diggers - 1983 was released on: UK: 1983 (premiere) West Germany: February 1984 (Berlin International Film Festival) Canada: 11 September 1984 (Toronto International Film Festival) USA: 12 February 1988 (New York City, New York)

How do you spot a gold digger girl?

Make sure to see if she continuously talks about your income. Does she slip in some gift she wants? Does she linger and rabble on about pricey things? Does she know anything about you asides from your paycheck?