What is a gold digger?

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A male or female that dates someone for their money. It is very wrong so stop don't do it.
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What do gold diggers do?

Gold diggers are usually females, and they dig gold, usually from the pockets of super rich old men. They use their sexy looks, charms and assertiveness to go after a rich old

What troubles did the gold diggers face?

Somebody could steal their land, they could be robbed, they might not find any gold at all, disease might kill them, mine might collapse, run out of food and water, might not

Is Kate Middleton a gold digger?

Kate's mother actually pushed Kate into enrolling in St. Andrews because Prince William was going to be there, with hopes of her daughter winning the prince over and it worked

Is Kim Kardasian a Gold Digger?

Kim Kardasian... FYI! is NOT A FREAKIN GOLD DIGGER!! how could you rip on someone you dont even know i mean honestly she is the nicest most conciderate person i know! how woul