What is a good free music making program?

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What are good music sharing programs?

ANSWER Since Limewire no longer works... (it has been shutdown recently unfortunately) However, Bearshare works well and is quite popular.

What is a good free movie making program for windows xp?

Windows movie maker is a pretty good, and free video editing program which is part of the default install on many XP machines. Look for it in the start menu programs list. (by

Is Music Oasis a good program?

not at all to be honest, your better off with magix music maker or if you got a mac the best is logic studio pro

Where can one find good free music programming on the web?

I came across this amazing website called The Free Style Life: http:/www.thefreestylelife.com/home.html it has great quality music videos, documentaries, comedy, and programmi

What is a good free uninstaller program?

I would recommend using MCAfee. It can uninstall a virus quick and easy. Or if you just want to uninstall a program from your computer,just go to Control Panel, Click on "Prog