What is a good hairstyle for bowling?

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An up do would probably be best so your hair does not get in your face when you are bowling, but it still looks good.
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What is a good hairstyle?

it depends on what shape your face is...for example some faces suit the front bang look or a front fringe while others a middle part, side fringe or pulled straight back.

What are good hairstyles?

Well it all varys on your mood but hairsyles that I like are braids , Ty zillions and sock buns or regular buns but to me it dependes on the day or the mood

What is a good hairstyle for a round face?

I have a round face, and i suggest keeping your hair down. Or maybe curling it at the ends but keep it straight the rest. Also keep it down, not in a ponytail it will make you

What is a good hairstyle if you have short hair?

Hi I am Heather Fraser . I Have Just Had My Hair Cut Short And I Am 13 . It is really nice . I would recomened having your hair cut not to short if it is really long . Maybe T

What hairstyles are good for thin hair?

For thin, long, strait hair the best look is loose pigtails in front of your shoulders... for thin short, strait the best look is front bangs... for thin curly hair--- pin it

What hairstyles are good for school?

If you have layers, try putting your hair in a loose ponytail but leaving a small chunk aside. Then try backcombing your left out layers, this looks quite nice. Have you tri

How do you do good hairstyles?

usually, when i want to do a new hairstyle, i will search on google to pick my fav. hairstyles, and take the pics to my hairdresser. there are a lot good hair pics on the int

What should a good hairstyle have?

Well as a hairstyle r you should have a small bit of nice and combed hair underneath and smooth and straight from the top and you need to wash your hair with shampoo 3 times a
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Some good hairstyle websites?

A really cute hairstyle is to wear your hair half up and half down. The part that is up you put in a messy bun sorta type. I think it looks adorable and its easy to do in less
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What is a good hairstyle for a fifth grader?

Braids, ponytail, waterfall plait, just down, half up half down, down with a few small braids and maybe a bob with side parting and side fringe. Here are some more: Look at