What is a good happy birthday poem?

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Your birthdays here, A inch to grow, A smile to show, A candle to blow, Make a wish slow, So you and i can laugh it off later,
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Happy birthday in Mandarin?

In Traditional Chinese, Happy Birthday is written 生日快樂. In Simplified Chinese, it's written 生日快乐. They're both pronounced the same, however. In Hanyu Pinyin, the pronunciation is "sheng1ri4 kuai4le4." In Gwoyeu Romatzyh, the pronunciation is "shengryh kuayleh. (MORE)

Who made the happy birthday song?

The Birthday song was made by Mildred J. Hill Patty Hill and Mildred J. Hill wrote the song "Good Morning to All". This song, "Good Morning to All", would eventually morph into the Happy Birthday Song; the most recognized song in English.

How do you sing happy birthday in Spanish?

Reversing the usual Spanish greeting "Feliz Cumpleaños" is one way: "Cumpleaños feliz Cumpleaños feliz Te deseamos todos (we all wish you) Cumpleaños feliz." There are two other variants: Cumpleaños feliz. Te deseamos a ti (we wish to you) Cumpleaños ___ (Person's NAME) , Cump (MORE)

What is a good poem?

Can you imagine.... Swimming with no water, . Living without a father? . Basketball without a hoop, . Ice Cream with no scoop? . Soccer with no goal, . Golf without a hole? . Cross Country with no runners, . Football with no punter? . Lips so soft, Tongue so swift, Eyes so bright, A gorgeou (MORE)

What are the happy birthday notes on a recorder?

Well I was learning "Happy Birthday" for my dads birthday and I found out the notes are: (low) DD E D G F#, DD E D A G, DD (HighD) B G F# E----, CC B G A G D D E D G F#, D D E D A G, D D ' D'B G F# E, C' C' B G A G 'Happy Birthday to You' in F C C D C F E, C C D C G F, C C' A F E D, Bb Bb (MORE)

Is this a good poem?

a good poem is not something the other people like it is what you think about your poem

Is this poem good?

On a lighter note: "Is this poem good?" She asked with a smile. ... "Yes, of course," I said, "Surely, better than most, better than Tamblyn, better than Ost! Better than good? I dare not say no, 'cuz no place is better than empty to go. So thank you, dear darling, it's been a good time: you showin (MORE)

Why is happy good?

People who are happy are easier to like. Depression can cause your social life and your work life to suffer.

What are some good birthday poems?

I'm not sure but look up online and type in birthday poems for father's day that's what I did.You could also do this one that i made up myself Its your birthday Have a good day May all your whishes come true And may it be happy all the way through

What is happy birthday?

birthday is a celebration of birth. wishing someone a happy birthday, is to say have a happy "anniversary" of you being born.

What good poems are there?

Burned, Burned onto the ground... Looking here nothings found... Loves gone. Now hates here. All I see now is fear... Run, Run! As fast as I can! No more, No more is he my man! Did he love me did he not?! If he did why did we fought!? Am I dead? Did I die?! Why the (MORE)

Happy the man poem by pop?

Happy the Man poem is a poem written by John Dryden. It is a poemabout being happy and living each day.

What are the lyrics happy happy birthday?

The lyrics are: Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy birthday dear (name) Happy Birthday to you There are other versions like: Happy Birthday to you You live in a zoo You look like a monkey And you smell like one too

Poem 'the character of a happy life' summary?

The character of happy life (Summary) This poem is composed by Sir Henry Wotton, in this poem poet describe the character of a happy life. In this poem poet talks about a virtuous man poet says he is lucky man who enjoys an independent will power of his own he does not serve others will ,he (MORE)

Can anyone show me a good happy birthday letter in Chinese?

Both English Answer1 and English Answer2 are so wonderful! There is another excellent answer to the question. You can write your birthday letter like this in Chinese: 敬爱的XXX:(Jìnɡ ài deXXX:) Dear XXX: 祝您生日快乐!(Zhù nín shēnɡr (MORE)

What is the summary of the poem The Character of a Happy Life?

the CHARACTER OF A HAPPY LIFE writtern by sir HENRY WOTTON specifies that a happy man is the one who have his life rumers free , he is not jelous of any one and only cares what he have and what he have to do in his life his armour is his honesty in thought snd he can speak simple truth very flue (MORE)

Should happy birthday be capitalized?

Well, From what "I" learned in all grades in school, Those two words were NEVER capitalized! Juuust the name of person celebrating on that day!Case-in-point, Washingon's birthday, on your calendar, you will notice ONLY his name is capitalized, NOT the words, birthday!!!!!!! (submitted by a Chicago (MORE)

What are good poems?

are 1s that come from the heart dnt think just say like this 1 i made up bout this girl ill give my life for her ...THO I GAVE YOU my heart i feel as tho u deserve more so ill give you my heart my soul my faith my happiness in return i wnt your love.I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BABY tho sometimes they (MORE)

How do you do the happy birthday song?

Happy Birthday to you! (cha-cha-cha), Happy Birthday to you! (cha-cha-cha),Happy Birthday dear (his/her name). Happy Birthday to you! (and many more, on channel four, and scooby doo, on channel two, and big fat lady, on channel 80. Answer provided by Fillywilly

Translate happy birthday in German?

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag. (literally heartfelt congratulations for your birthday) Alles Gute zum Geburtstag. (literally all the best for your birthday) It's also not too uncommon to actually use Happy Birthday! among younger people.

What is the birthday of the Happy Birthday song?

The "Happy Birthday" song, or more accurately, "Happy Birthday to You", was a revised version based on the melody of a song "Good Morning to All", written in 1893. "Happy Birthday to You" appeared in print in 1912 for the first time, but experts and historians estimate the song was created much earl (MORE)

In the poem road not taken why does the poem seems happy about his decisions?

In the poem road not taken it is obvious that the poet is happy about his decision as stated in the line "and that has made all the difference". He also tells himself that he will travel the otherm road some other day which proves that he was more tempted by the road less travelled. The poet also fe (MORE)

Who sang the Happy Birthday song?

2 sisters called Mildred J. Hill (born in 1859), and Patty Smith Hill (born in 1868), but it started out as a totally different song used to greet schoolchildren at the start of the day. full history here - www.kids-party-world.com/birthday-song-origins.html

Is a poem good?

a poem can be good or bad it depends on how it is written and what your opinion is.

Is where the rainbow ends a happy poem?

It's a hopeful poem. Not exactly happy one but rather than discussing on the note of happiness ppl should think of its vision. I feel in my bones that the poem is optimistic as the speaker believes one day ppl will be able to unite in the garlend of international brotherhood though there r a number (MORE)

What are good poems for dads birthday?

You Da Man! Ever since my life began, I realized that "You da man!" I saw your wisdom, your courage too, And I learned I could rely on you. Your tolerant nature was really great; Nevertheless, you'd not hesitate To let me know when I'd been bad; It must have been hard, but that's being a dad. You'r (MORE)

What answer for happy birthday?

happy birthday is a song for people who are celebrating some bodesday of birth by having cake and food and inviting friends