What is a good vampire anime?

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Is vampire bat a vicious animal?

No, not really. They usually only feed on barn animals, and only take a bit of blood. Plus, they feed at night, so the animal would be sleeping. There's never been a case of a (MORE)

Deciding Whether Vampires Are Real

People love stories about vampires, the immortal evildoers who sleep all day and spend their nights sucking the blood of hapless humans. But to determine whether vampires are (MORE)

Tips for Interacting With a Psychic Vampire

Though it may sound like a character from a fantasy novel, a psychic vampire is very real. The term "psychic vampire" is used to describe a person who feeds off the will of ot (MORE)
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Dark and Daring: Applying Vampire Makeup

The immortal appeal of vampires is as dark and romantic as the night itself. Join the ranks of the irresistible undead with these simple steps.Slick your hair back away from y (MORE)
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Frightful Fangs: Halloween Makeup Tips for a Vampire

There are few choices for a Halloween costume that are as timeless and versatile than a vampire costume. Finding what to wear is the easy part when you are dressing as a vampi (MORE)
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Top 10 Sexiest Movie Vampires

Robert Pattinson won the hearts of many fans as Edward Cullen in the "Twilight" series of films. His character is dark and brooding, trying to control his lust for blood while (MORE)

What anime shows have vampires?

Here's some: Vampire Knight Vampire Knight Guilty (season 2) Rosario+Vampire Trinity Blood Tsukihime Blood+ Black Blood Brothers Vampire Hunter D (Old) hellsing Vampire Prin (MORE)

What animals prey on vampire bats?

  Eagles and hawks are two of the natural pedator of vampire bats also lets not forget man.   Eagles and hawks are two of the natural pedator of vampire bats also lets (MORE)
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What animals do vampires like?

This is particular to each individual vampire - is probably dependent on the person they were before they died.    Count Dracula favoured wolves and bats.   Count O (MORE)