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Vampire Knight-my fav so far!!
Karin Rosario + Vampire Midnight Secretary Vampire Hunter D Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust Vampire Princess Miyu Nightwalker Hitsuji no Uta Moon Phase Kimera Trinity Blood
And apperantly there is spouse to be another manga soon to be made in to anime called "vampire kisses", its spouse to be really good.

Vampire knights: About a girl named yuuki who was saved by an evil vampire by her kuran who goes to a school where the night class is full of vampires

Karin: About a family of vampires who's daughter gives blood instead of sucking blood

Rosario+Vampire:A human boy goes to school full of demons, vampires, werewolves, etc

Vampire Hunter D: Blood lust

Vampire Princess Miyu: The vampire princess who is cursed with the fate of sending shinma into the darkness, with her servant larva

Nightwalker:A vampire who dystroys "shadows"

Trinity Blood

Descendants of darkness: An agency who works on dystroying demons
Dude try Vampire Knight Itz good like a girl named yuuki is the gaurdian of the day class students in a school where even vampires come to study.
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What is a good ending to a speech about vampires?

The ending to your speech depends on what you've already said, so  none of us can write it for you. You have to sum up what you've  told the audience and think of a good fin

Is Elijah a good vampire?

He actually is.. In episodes 8 (Rose) & 9 he appears to want to bring Elena to clauose but he actually wants her to be safe and to kill him

What animals can a vampire shape shift into?

Old-school rules say it's all the evil animals... Snake, bat, wolf/dog and mist for some reason. They can also control those same animals, as when Dracula stops the wolves/d

Are there any good vampires?

  Yes there are. Vampires are related to humans and they have a conscience. They could be a nicer vampire but there are no such thing as completely good vampires.

What anime shows have vampires?

Here's some: Vampire Knight Vampire Knight Guilty (season 2) Rosario+Vampire Trinity Blood Tsukihime Blood+ Black Blood Brothers Vampire Hunter D (Old) hellsing Vampire Prin

What are good vampire anime for tweens?

anime 1.fortune artiel 2.vampire knight 3.vampire princess miyu manga 1.noblesse (i've put it in this format so more anime or manga can easily be added) ty xD hope

What is a good romantic anime with vampires in it?

Well, I recommend Vampire Knight! :D from my expirence ill make a list ive watch all of them for more just ask me i know of a ton more karin/chibi vampire blood+ rosrio vampir

What is a good yaoi vampire manga?

Two of my favorites (and really the only two good ones I've found) are Nekratoholic (there's various spellings of it) and one called Pathos. Both are pretty graphic, but have

Which animals can vampires turn into?

Answer   I don't know about ALL vampires but the vampire Count Vlad Dracula specifically can turn into a bat, and a wolf, and (this isn't an animal but whatever) a mist.

Which animes have vampires?

Vampire knightVampire knight guiltyBlood +Rosario + vampireRosario + vampire capu 2HellsingNightwalkerVampire hunter DVampire hunter D Bloodlust (movie)vampire princess MiyuTr

What are some good vampire books?

I recommend "EverNight Series 1 ,2 and 3 " And Vampire Academy Also if You Like Long Series I Also Would Read House of Night Series. Blue Bloods Series Morganville vampire

Who is the good vampires in twilight?

the cullens are the good vampires and they are : carlile Cullen, Esme Cullen (carliles mate) ,rosile hale, Emmett Cullen (roses mate) ,and last but not least the hottest vampi