What is a guinea?

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A Guinea is a coin of the old pre-decimal British currency. It was worth approximately 21 shillings.

What is a guinea fowl?

A guinea is a pheasantlike bird of the family Numididae native to Africa. Their diet consists of insects and seeds and they nest on the ground. They have spangeled grey plumag

What is a guinea wasp?

Guinea wasps have a very painful sting. It is a type of paper wasp.It is yellow and black and often mistaken for a yellow jacket.

What is a guinea pig nestingbox for?

Nesting boxes are used so guinea pigs have a place to sleep, have a place to have babies, and have a place to sleep in. If you are wondering whether to get a nesting box, i su

What is a guinea pigs environment?

If your asking where they come from, it's not from Guinea. They are actually found in Australia. If you aren't familiar of what the outback looks like, Google some pictures. T

What is a guinea pigs enemie?

cats are definetly enemies of guinea pigs but some of them are peaceful and can even be friends with guinea pigs [ i have 2 cats ] one of my cats is violent and fierce and the

What is a guinea pigs best characteristecic?

Most guinea pigs are very funny to watch they are also hyper, cute and very sociable. When guinea pigs are very happy they do a thing called "pop Corning " which is them un- c

What is a guinea Pigs description?

A pet that costs 3,994 dollars in its lifetime but it's worth every penny because they are fun for beginning pet owners like children 8+. I used to have a guinea myself and I