What is a hybrid network topology?

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A hybrid is a combination of two or more basic network topologies, such as a star-bus, star-ring, or tiered topology.
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Three common network topologies are?

There are five: bus, star, ring, mesh and hybrid. Three most common are star, bus and ring.   Answer:   There are 5: Bus, Star, Ring, Mesh, Hybrid(mix of all them). The (MORE)

Why would you use a hybrid topology?

Reliable because a hybrid topology can diagnose and isolate faults efficiently. A network fault (such as a faulty node or a break in a network cable) will not affect the perfo (MORE)
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What is the common network of bus topology?

The common network of bus topology is a network where clients are connected through cables called a bus. You can learn more about this at the Wikipedia. Once on the website, t (MORE)
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Different Types of Wireless Network Topologies

All networks, whether wired or wireless, have some kind of topology, defined as the network's shape or structure. A wired network's topology is physical and conforms to the la (MORE)
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Understanding Bus Network Topology

Bus network topology is one of the most popular ways to set up a computer network. Learn the benefits, drawbacks and basic setup of bus networks.A bus network topology is a wa (MORE)

Pros and Cons of Using a Bus Network

When selecting a network topology, one of the simplest designs available is the bus network. Bus network designs involve a very simple network layout in which all devices on t (MORE)

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Fiber-optic networking is useful if you want a high-capacity network or have long runs, like between buildings. There are four types of fiber-optic network topology used to pr (MORE)

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Which network topology is the best one?

There is no best topology as all have their own benefits and weaknesses. It depends on how and what you want it to be. a topology is the way in which the computers in a netw (MORE)

Define hybrid topology?

A hybrid is a combination of two or more basic network topologies, such as a star-bus, star-ring, or tiered topology. In a hybrid topology, central and distributed topologies (MORE)