What is a keygen?

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It is an illegal program that will generate a serial number for whatever game or software that it is made for. It's the equivalent of piracy because you have to pay for the software in order to obtain a serial number to use the software, yet a keygen allows you to use the software for free. Not fair for those who spent countless hours creating the software that you want to use. Therefore, WikiAnswers cannot nor will not provide information on where to obtain keygens or how to use them.
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How does keygens work?

Serial numbers for computer software have a specific pattern, which allows the installer or application to detect whether or not it is a legit key. A very simple example would

Do keygens have viruses?

Sometimes, a Keygen is a program that does the same job as a virus (entering and modifying programs while bypassing countermeasures) but the difference is they are much simple

How do you open a keygen?

A key generator is most often a simple .exe file, in which case all you have to do to open it is to double click it just like any other file.

Where can you get the blockland keygen?

Did you buy it? When you have the demo you must search by Youtube(demo is the douwnloaded one).When you buy it in the cd box or on the box must be one that no one else try it.

What is a serial crack keygen?

First off you need to know basic hacker lingo, a "Crack" is a program that's designed to work outside it'sspecifications, say a no CD crack which allows you to use a piratedpr

Are keygens safe to use?

Most people say no because when you're dealing with illegal programs there's always the possibility your supplier wants to mess up your day but if your smart about it the risk
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Why you use keygens?

You basically use them for registration for something... or you could get them from somewhere illegally and then put in the registration information that the keygen gave you.