What is a line of symmetry?

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A line of symmetry divides a figure into two halves that are the mirror images of each other.

Fold a square sheet of paper exactly in half. When you unfold the paper you will see the crease down the center. That is an example of a line of symmetry. Both sides of an object must be equal to be symmetrical. Let's do a construction taking off on this idea. You've probably already done it at one time or another.
Fold that piece of paper, and take a pair of scissors and cut half a heart out of it using the crease as a line going down the "middle" of the heart. Unfold the finished construction. You'll have a heart and that fold you made in the paper is the line of symmetry for the figure. The line of symmetry divides any shape into mirror images.
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What is line of symmetry?

When if you split something in half, it will look like one of thesides is looking into a mirror.

What are symmetry lines?

Lines which lie on the same plane and have the same length are known as symmetry lines

What is a symmetry line?

A symetry line is like a mirror line, if you put it in the middle of something, the other side will have to be the same thing, flipped. if you take the letter V, you can put a

What is lines of symmetry?

A line of symmetry is a line through a shape. It shows that on either side of this line that the picture is exactly the same. There can be more than one line of symmetry in

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a line of symmetry in a shape is the line which reflects on the other side of the shape, so you can get the same side onto the other side from an angle! :D I hope that this ha

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It is the same as in shapes, the ability to be divided into twoequal halves either vertically or horizontally. Not all lettershave a line of symmetry, and some have two (H, X,