What is a placer deposit?

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In Geology
A placer is where gold or silver being carried with the sand by flowing water gathers in a low spot in the river bed.
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What is a deposition?

Deposition is the process in which material is laid down. Deposition is when you move or deposit stuff from one place toanother Or The laying down of material in a natural process.that isdeposition making something move from one place to another ordeposit from one place to another. deposition is whe (MORE)

What is placer gold?

Placer gold is gold that has been weathered from the host rock. Ithas been formed and placed either on a stream bed, hillside oralluvial fan by the action of glaciers, water or other geologicalforces.

How do you recover placer gold?

Placer gold is found in river beds. The gold is heavy and settles and is concentrated in the river gravel. You mine it by digging up this gravel, placing it on a sluice with a rough bottom surface (e.g. a sheep fleece) and washing it down the sluice with river water. The gold gets trapped in the fle (MORE)

What does deposition?

The word deposition refers to the action of giving or showingevidence. It can also mean that someone deposes someone else.

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How did the gold rush relate to placer deposits?

In Australia, there were panning or alluvial operations in most of the rivers since the 1850's gold rush began. Some people still fossick that way but metal detectors are more popular now. Some larger mining operations are sifting through the 'tailings' (debris) from earlier shaft mines to find thei (MORE)

What is deposit?

A sum of money placed or kept in a bank account, usually to gain interest.

What is depositism?

" Despotism is a form of government by which a single entity rules with absolute and unlimited power, and may be expressed by an individual as an autocracy or through a group as an oligarchy. Despotism itself means to "rule in the fashion of a despot", and should not be confused with the actual and (MORE)

What is Placer deposit?

a placer deposit consists of some valuable mineral that accumulates in weathered rock or overburden in stream sediments or in beach deposits as aresult of natural weathering and erosion processes.

How did the gold ore become placer deposits in the Klondike River?

The gold is formed in veins in the bedrock. Weathering and erosion break down the bedrock and release the gold particles that are then washed into the rivers. The force of the water in the rivers washes the sand and gold downstream but the gold is very heavy and settles out (collects) in places wher (MORE)

What is placer?

In geology, a placer is a deposit of sand or gravel in the bed of ariver or lake. It often contains particles of valuable minerals.

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Is placer county in Sacramento?

Placer County is north and east of Sacramento, extending eastward over the Sierra Nevada to the border of the state of Nevada. Sacramento is in Sacramento County, California.

How do placer deposits form?

Placer deposits originate in an alluvial environment, and are the result of natural gravity separation of material according to its density. Gold (say), originally entrained in the rock mass, is gradually eroded by weathering and makes its way as small particles down to a stream bed. Since this (MORE)

Where in the us would you go placer mining?

You can go placer mining wherever gold is found in placer deposits. For gold, I'd suggest looking in Alaska, or California, or Arizona, though many other states also have gold in at least small amounts if you're willing to put in the effort. Montana is the state if you want to placer mine for sapph (MORE)

What is the different between placer mining and quartz mining?

Placer mining is recovering gold dust that has washed into streams and rivers (panning and sluice boxes, as well as dredges today) . Quartz mining involves traditional mining of gold bearing quartz rock, and requires digging,transporting, and crushing the rock to extract the gold.

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What replaced the placer mining?

nothing, placer mining with a gold pan is still the best way to assess the quality of a deposit and track down quartz lode veins.

What were the first methods of placer mining used?

Placer mining (pronounced plasser, BTW) is mining for gold that is free of the rock. This is usually in the form of gold dust and fine nuggets. The simplest means, and the first used, was panning for gold in the rivers. You can also used a sluice box, where sand is shoveled into a trough with water (MORE)

What are Alluvial Placers?

Alluvial placers are those formed in present and past watercourses in gulches, creeks, rivers, flood plains and deltas.

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What is the difference between placer mining and hardrock mining?

Placer (pronounced plass-er) seeks to recover gold that heas been weathered, is in the form of dust and small nuggets, and has been washed out of the rock formation. Panning for gold is placer mining. Hard rock mining removes solid chunks of rock that must be crushed to recover the gold.

What is after deposition?

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Can sand metal and diamonds be mined from placer deposits?

Apparently alluvial diamonds migrate into placer deposits, being moved there by natural means, such as flowing water. Other materials are simply ground into tiny bits and ultimately 'placed' into the low spots in the geography. Sand is a descriptor used to name the quality of the tiny stones that (MORE)

What are gold placer claims used for?

Gold placer claims are used to mine for precious minerals, especially gold. This may be done by using open pit or any other surface level mining technique.

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What was placer mining?

A placer deposit or placer is an accumulation of minerals formed bygravity separation during sedimentary processes. Placer depositsare frequently beaches or river gravels. They are mined bygathering up the ore containing material and sluicing these usingwater.