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A prototype design is a product that is designed and built to test a new design. The item is usually made in a special lab or shop. The prototype is used to correct mistakes and make it more user friendly. It is also used to make the tooling and equipment needed to produce it in large quantities. The final product will be made in large quantities.
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What are the disadvantages of prototyping?

At least 2 disadvantages: . If the prototype is working, developers tend to build upon the code as production one. . A prototype may only prove one of serveral possible solutions. Not seeing the whole picture Some would argue that prototyping is a waste of time. In my experience, prototyping, if applied correctly, actually save a lot of time. Saving time may be an advantage, not a disadvantage.

What is a category prototype?

A category prototype is a member of a category which describes the category best. For example, robins are prototypical birds (i.e. robins are prototypes of the category 'birds'). Of course, this greatly depends on perception and cultural knowledge.

What is a prototype?

A prototype is a sample or a model of a product built to test aprocessor to act as a thing to be replicated. It is a term used ina variety of contexts, including semantics, design, electronics,and software programming. A prototype is generally used to evaluatea new design to enhance precision by system analysts and users.Prototyping serves to provide specifications for a real workingsystem rather than a theoretical one. In some design workflowmodels, creating a prototype is the step between the formalizationand the evaluation of an idea. Recently I have taken services fromIannone 3D, who provides Rapid Prototyping service in the NewJersey area.

What are advantages of prototyping?

The advantages are quick and dirty to see some results, without spending time on design and analysis, proper documentations and testing. Prototype also helps to evolve the software. For example, communicating to an external service component is the goal of the prototype, yet during the unit testing (yes, still need to test), some different exceptions occurred. These exceptions are now a part of the system specifications (but the business requirement may not state them at all) In programming, prototyping is to write code to experiment 1 or 2 aspects of the future system to be built. These experiments may not be in the final solutions! The code maybe sloppy, do not have the full blown exception handling, and may even with hard-coded values. (for example, to prototype the calculation of 1 + 1, one may code with hard-coded 2 as the only result!) Prototype should be quickly implemented and maybe without any design or analysis. Most of time, prototypes are throw-away codes, even the feature is needed, the code should be rewritten in quality.

When to use prototyping?

Prototyping is used on large or complicated systems so the user canget a feel for the overall functionality of the system. When usinga prototype, errors and confusing or missing functionality can beaddressed quickly.

Why are prototypes needed?

Building a prototype allows the designer to explore unforeseen problem areas before building the finished product. Prototypes can also be used for testing to see how a device will operate in real-world conditions as opposed to computer projections, and to determine production cost and propose a budget.

Are there any furniture companies that build prototypes for designers?

I would think that furniture companies outsource that work to large woodwork shops. Those guys are experienced professional and can design furniture as well as help clients in the design process.

What ia a prototype?

\nA prototype is something that is made to test out the real thing. Its like a alpha or beta phase in making something.

What is prototyping and why is it important?

A prototype is basically a mock-up. In the database world you can use software to simulate a situation or even build a mock-up database. A Mock-up database will be a 'simple' version of the intended end product. It will not have all of the tables that the finished product would have, or all of the fields in the tables it does have.. An example might be a billing engine that you are building. If you are going to embed busines logic into the database you might put together a functional mock-up of a certain core component of this system, say the tables that contain computed interest and Billing rule logic. From there you might write stored procedures that are to computer these values; and run it to verify the results.. This is important because if you have some ideas or thoughts on how to handle a given situation you can produce a mock-up of a couple implementation strategies and test these for best result.. If you simply build out your entire database and application without testing some of your concepts you will often find yourself with a completed project that is less than optimal in functionality, scale, and performance.. Always consider your implementation options and test each (or your top two or three methods) to determine your best of breed approach. You may know in your head what will work best but you would be surprised at the results when tested; at times.. or*************************. Evolutionary prototyping is the process of developing the final software system by enhancing the prototype-that is, the prototype evolves into the final product.

What are the Steps of prototyping?

-Defining initial problem -Planning the prototype -Building the prototype -Checking the prototype -Redefining the problem -Finish product

Disadvantages of prototyping?

Prototype is not the end software and process of making a prototype is known as prototyping. Protoyping requires lot of time ans as a result we not even get any end product.

Who is the Prototype?

The Prototype is basically the example or tester of something made or the first actual model of that invention. Let's say you have built a new machine that will walk the moon. The Prototype will be the copy of the machine that will be tested for things like durability and anything else needed to be passed to access space and walk the moon.. Another easier example of a Prototype would be a tent. If you made a new tent you would have to first make a tester (the Prototype) to see if the tent holds up to fierce winds, snow, rain, rocks, twigs and anything else you can think of that might harm the tent severly. If the Prototype holds up to all the tests, you may start making the offical model or the tent that will be used by the person who purchased it.

What is the definition of prototype?

prototype is basically a model of something its not the actual one its just something to go off of like a structure model except prodotype has to do with computers. i hope this is right its just my guess

What is a rapid prototyping?

Rapid prototyping is a term for creating prototypes using 3dprinting technologies. IE: Z Corp 3d printers are used for rapidprototyping. They built physical models using 3d CAD data andlaying a cross section of glue 1 layer at a time. Rapid prototyping (also known as RP and "3D printing") technologiesfabricate physical objects directly from a digital model, one layerat a time, by an additive process that bonds the layers together.Other names used for this process include solid freeformfabrication and layered manufacturing. The various systems that areavailable offer a variety of material, and the ability to directlyfabricate very complex geometries that would be impossible with CNCor any other method.There are several different machines andprocesses, but the general theory is that a digital model goes in,and a physical version of it comes out. The fact that these Rapid Prototyping methods are "rapid" meansyour production project can be Part-in-Hand within days, don't needweeks or months. These relatively low-cost representations assistin brainstorming, creating, testing and communicating ideas aboutthe project being developed. According to my personal experience, Iannone3d.com is the bestoption for 3d rapid prototyping service.

Why is it important to have a prototype?

To know if your design works in `real world' applications. The to troubleshoot any problems, correct them and derive a final design.

Is prototype out yet?

No, it comes out this Tuesday in the US, this Friday in EU, and Thursday in Europe. Some people have already gotten their hands on it, but the official street dates are this week.. Update: Yes it is out now and has got great rating. but like most new games it comes with a $60 price tag. If you have a Ps3 though many people say that Infamous is a better choice

What is a prototype and why do one?

A Prototype is basically a first draft for games, movies, TV shows, books etc. and people use them to see what they need to fix or add or remove

Where can you get a prototype in Florida?

Engineering & Manufacturing Services provides rapid prototypes for everyone from inventors to Fortune 500 companies. They are located in Tampa, FL.

Will you have health on prototype?

Yes, but if you avoid damage for a certain period of time your health will slowly refill to a certain point. You can collect health orbs or consume people and infected to raise your health as well

What is prototype about?

\n\n It's about a guy who was in a failed experiment and has lost his memory and wants to learn about his past, but he has all these superhuman powers and can run up walls! \n\n==The guy's name is Alex Mercer, whether it was a failed experiment fails to be seen, the introduction movie reveals first him inside a laboratory wherein men in hasmat suits are about to disect him when he suddenly comes alive. He runs out of the building and the logo "GENTEK" appears on the building as Alex escapes. He is then attacked by patrolling "Blackwatch" soldiers; secret government soldiers who maintain government secrets, mostly on biological weapons. Alex eludes capture and upon killing a blackwatch soldier, his own body immediately begins to consume the body. Tendrils come out of him and began dismantling corpse and he soons takes on the form of that soldier. A blackwatch commander soon approaches him and he too *absorbs him. He then suddenly realizes that he knows what that commander knew. Which is where he begins to discover his past and unlock the secrets of the Hive through the web of intrigue targets in that city to stop the infection and kill whoever is responsible for all of this. His powers include his arms tranforming into claws, then into huge gauntlet-like fists, then into a whip-like claw that can grapple and cut, and also into a long blade that can cut even the toughest armor. He can also reduce damage intake through a shield or cover his body in a carapace that heavily reduces incoming damage. He can absorb both infected and civilians for health though the latter seems inhuman to consider for. Alex has increased speed that allows him to jump higher and cause a shockwave upon landing and he can glide while in the air. He has 2 visions, infected vision allows for him to see all infected on-screen even those who don't look infected but are within. He also has thermal vision that reveals everthing that has heat. Both are used when smoke and explosions cause too much disturbance during battles.=

What comes after a prototype?

1 purpose of a prototype is to find design flaws. If any were made, another prototype might be made. If not, the next step would be manufacturing.

How do you get brickarms prototypes?

You can only get them if you win a contest or get them from a Lego convention. There are a few cases where prototypes are included in MASSIVE orders, but most of the time, Brickarms prototypes are from contests, as gifts, or an attendee of a convention. There's also another way to obtain brickarms prototype, which is through trading, but that is frowned upon.

What is a prototype of a designer garment made with cheap cloth for alteration?

The cloth used to make a prototype garment is called Muslin fabric; it comes in Bleached white and a wheat color. There are different widths as well :) Hopes this helps :). the answer to this question is toile

Will there be a Prototype 2?

Continuing from my lengthy spout of boredom over Prototype below the statements beneath this statement: Yes. . At the 2010 VGA's, Prototype 2 HAS been announced. There is not much detail revealed, except that you play as Sgt. James Heller (Possible incorrect spelling), and you have to essentially "kill your maker", suggesting that Alex made you a mutant, and that you want to kill him. . There was a mix up with the storyline of Prototype amongst some people who didn't quite catch the movement of things, but the general drift is as follows. You play as Alex Mercer, a recently dehumanized human being turned walking genetically-altered viral strain. You are responsible in many parts for the current unfavorable situation in New York City, and though you may not be guilty of wanton cruelty as you try to right the wrongs you committed, you have no qualms against mimicking a zombie horror flick as you eat brains, bodies, and other mutated humans and beasts to link together what the hell is going on around you. That being said, Pariah does not show in the game outside of the Web of Intrigue. Moving on from that simple fact... The mutant you face at the end is the creation of Dr. Bradley Ragland's personal brew being injected into Elizabeth Greene, subsequently being puked out as a super hunter mutant, defeated once by you, rising like a bloody anthropomorphic ogre once again after you leave, trouncing the neighborhood behind your back, consumes the captain you love to hate, which is in time with the viral-vision glowing image of him shown in a cut-scene, and pops up again after you thought you had just finished saving the world to try and consume you too. Needless to say, you kick him in the face... and kill him. ... For those who still want to say Pariah was/is/became/spawned/raped/killed/etc Captain Cross or is Mercer: (1) Pariah does not show signs of being infected, neither physically or genetically. The Super Hunter obviously does, and he showed under Infected Vision... which means he's infected while again Pariah is not. Keep in mind all these creatures are hosts and such for different variants of viruses. Pariah is a single entity, he is Pariah only, he is the natural release of the non-coding regions of DNA that fuel the viruses in the story, he is not a carrier of any virus. The reason he has so much in common with Alex Mercer is because Mercer himself is not a carrier as the virus overwhelmed his body and copied him. So Mercer is not so much a virus, but a higher being spawned from the altered virus. (2) When Elizabeth Greene said "I am your mother," she was speaking to the hunters who popped up right after she left and you can hear respond even with "you are our mother" if you listen closely. So Mercer is not Pariah. When Dana said Alex was the only other one held captive there, she was right since they brought Alex back to Gentek dead as you see at the beginning of the game when he first wakes up as the virus. (3) When you fight the Supreme Hunter at the end of the game... need I say more? He's a hunter, not Pariah, who became Supreme rather than Superior after consuming Cross and God knows who else after you defeated him the first time since Mommy was no longer around to keep him in check. (4) Other stuff... I ran out of boredom... Figure the rest out yourself, it's an awesome game.

How do you download prototype?

You would have to have a Play Station Network account, but I checked under downloads they don't have it any more.

What is throwaway prototyping?

A prototype is typically build to better understand some aspect of the final project. If you don't intend to use any part of the prototype in the final produce, it can be said to be a throwaway.

Can you get prototype on PS2?

There is probably a way, but what does this have to do with Computer Programming ?

Will there be a prototype movie?

Yes, It is based off of the hit 2008-09 video game produced by Activision. Release Date: August 18, 2010 Produced by Lionsgate & Activision [PROTOTYPE] - The Offical Movie Soundtrack Release Date: August 14, 2010 Track 1. "In The End" by Linkin Park Track 2. "Ugly" by The Exies Track 3. "Say Goodbye" by Theory Of A Deadman Track 4. "Breathe Into Me" by RED Track 5. "Beautiful" by 10 Years Track 6. "Dance With The Devil" by Breaking Benjamin Track 7. "It's Not Over" by Daughtry Track 8. "Happy?" by Mudvayne Track 9. "Overcome" by Creed Track 10. TBD

Why is building a prototype an important part of the technology design process?

some engineers test in a laboratory to function it. To make a model of what they want their model/object that they want to invent. :)

How do you develop a prototype?

Depends on what it is. If it a physical model, try putting some sketches together and then creating them in CAD. The CAD can then be sent to a variety of 3d printers that will print 1 cross section at a time until you have a complete physical model.

Where can you buy prototype?

Trade-me although you'll have to just browse because it usually has random stuff on there .

What is rapid prototype?

Rapid prototyping is the speedy creation of a full-scale model. Theword prototype comes from the Latin words proto (original) andtypus (model). It is a group of techniques used to quicklyfabricate a scale model of a physical part using three-dimensionalcomputer aided design (CAD) data. Construction of the part isusually done by using 3D printing or "additive layer manufacturing"technology. Recently I have taken the services from Iannone 3D, whoprovides Rapid Prototyping and a reliable FDM 3D printing servicein the New Jersey area.

Must a prototype work in order for it to be a prototype?

no it doesnt have to be however this is and if this is emoni baby this is sonny from school hey

Can you get prototype on the PS2?

No it is a PS3, PC, & Xbox 360 game. A link has been added under the related links to Wikipedia for Prototype

How do you be invinsible in prototype?

You cannot become invisible in Prototype , but you may shapeshift into other human characters allowing yourself to pass by or infiltrate bases undetected.

What are the missions in prototype?

Missions appear as bright yellow dots on your map, that you can see in the corner of the screen during the game :)

Explain the use of a discovery prototype and an evolutionary prototype?

In a discovery prototype, normally built during the analysis phase, the intuit is to better understand people's needs and not functionality. That what's evolutionary prototype is for. It is deemed to prove capabilities according with its technology to meet the business needs. Two questions must be answered when using the prototyping method: -have we proven the technology is going to perform as expected? -has the customer understood its potential of the new system?

What are the prototyping methodology?

A prototyping methodology is a software development process which allows developers to create portions of the solution to demonstrate functionality and make needed refinements before developing the final solution.

What is prototype innovation?

Prototype innovation is a new method or idea to a first or preliminary model of something,

What is prototypical thinking?

Prototypes, are the most common, or best, examples of a category. So an example of prototypical thinking would be picturing "superman", as soon as you see the word "hero". Or picturing "Socrates", as soon see the word "philosopher".

What did the prototype guns do?

If you are talking about Eli Whitney's contributions to firearms, the answer is that he advocated strongly for the concept of interchangeable parts-that is, the idea that parts from a particular model firearm should not vary between examples of that model, and so parts from one gun could be used to repair another gun. Tactically, this is not particularly relevant-you're not going to repair a major malfunction in the middle of a battle either way-but in strategic and logistical terms, this is an enormous boon. Firearms frequently malfunction, and because earlier firearms were either individually crafted by hand or mass-produced to rather wide tolerances, virtually no two weapons were alike, and so too were no two firearms' parts compatible with one another's. Therefore, guns that had malfunctioned would usually need to be replaced entirely, or else the parts precisely hand-crafted to that particular gun's specifications. Needless to say, this is expensive and wasteful. If, instead, serviceable parts from one broken gun can be scavenged and used to repair another, or simply spares for components that frequently fail are provided, then entire guns need to be replaced far less frequently. It's important to note that Eli Whitney did not invent the idea of interchangeable parts-he was simply a strong advocate of it. Additionally, Whitney never actually achieved actual interchangeability. Although he once impressed the U.S. Congress by disassembling ten muskets, mixing up their parts and then putting them back together again, he had those muskets hand-made to exacting specifications. They could not be mass-produced, which is what the military desired.

What is effect of designing a prototype on the overall cost of the project?

I believe prototyping usually begins with sketching. It's the most intuitive thing to do. . It is for the client or business executives, decision makers who need to approve the design, layout, content and functionality before coding and implementation . Developers and coders who need to clearly understand, to the finest detail possible, what to build before they jump into coding. . This affect to app development cost directly or indirectly in terms of stockholders or developers.

Why is the building a prototype an important part of the technology design process?

Lets say you where building a Computer well you want to take it for a test drive and fix the bugs/glitches then try it again so you can be successful at selling it plus you don't want to create it with all of the bugs and errors. I don't want a POS computer so it's best to test it and make models.

Why do designers use prototype?

Prototypes are made to test the design, see if it's good enough, check that it works as intended and so on. Then, when they know that the design is good enough, they go to series production. It'd be a big waste of money if they built a lot of units, and then discovers that they aren't working as intended.

What is prototype and what does it do?

A prototype is a sample or a model of a product built to test aprocessor to act as a thing to be replicated. It is a term used ina variety of contexts, including semantics, design, electronics,and software programming. A prototype is generally used to evaluatea new design to enhance precision by system analysts and users.Prototyping serves to provide specifications for a real workingsystem rather than a theoretical one. In some design workflowmodels, creating a prototype is the step between the formalizationand the evaluation of an idea. Recently I have taken services fromIannone 3D, who provides Rapid Prototyping service in the NewJersey area.

What are function prototypes?

Function prototypes are declarations of functions. A prototype doesnot require a definition at the point of use, the declaration alonetells the compiler the function's type, name and its argumenttypes. Function prototypes are typically declared in header filesso that the same function can be used in more than one translationunit, while the definition can be placed in any translation unit.Function definitions must adhere to the one-definition rule. Function declarations or prototypes are often called functioninterfaces while the function definition provides theimplementation of that interface. It is a good idea to keepinterfaces and implementations separate, as the interface shouldprovide everything a caller needs to know about the function, withuser-comments providing any additional information required by thecaller. The implementation details are of little relevance to thecaller and can actually become a distraction, making code that muchharder to read.

What is the cost of the prototype?

The cost of the prototype is the materials needed to make it and the research and development needed to design it. As to money figures, that's dependent on what you're making; the prototype of a paintbrush is a bit less expensive than the prototype of a car.

What is the difference between vertical prototype and horizontal prototype?

Horizontal prototypes have very little functionality depth but have a lot of features. Vertical prototypes are broad in functionality depth, with very few features.

What does it mean prototype?

A prototype is an early sample, model, or release of a product built to test a concept or process or to act as a thing to be replicated or learned from. It is a term used in a variety of contexts, including semantics, design, electronics, and software programming. A prototype is designed to test and trial a new design to enhance precision by system analysts and users. Prototyping serves to provide specifications for a real, working system rather than a theoretical one.

What is a prototype board and what does it do?

A circuit or system is often prototyped by building it on largeboards where the components are more easily accessed and theirinterconnections more easily changed than they would be in the realsystem. It helps in finding and correcting the inevitable designerrors and oversights early in the process when they cost theleast to fix (although it cannot identify problems that will notappear until the circuit or system is in its final form).