What is a raven?

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A Raven is a large black bird of the crow family and flies around in the woods.
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Who is Raven?

Raven is a young woman who has a show on Disney channel and she isvery successful in her life. Her full name is Raven Simone. Sheplayed on the Cosby Show as a child. Another

Why are the Ravens called the Ravens?

The Baltimore Ravens team name was selected by fan vote shortly after owner Art Modell brought the franchise from Cleveland and left the Browns name and history there by legal

What does Raven do?

Raven in That's So Raven has psychic gifts and tries makeher visions come true.

What is The Raven about?

What the raven is about is the speakers wife coming back andrepresenting herself as the raven. If you notice in the firt stanzahe starts by telling a story and the raven never

What was The Raven about?

The poem, The Raven was by Edgar Allen Poe. It is about a person who is lonely and grieving for his long lost Lenore. He hears a tapping and a raven flies through his window l
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What is a raven that can transform into weapons called?

A raven that can transform into weapons is obviously a fictional type of raven. This raven would most likely be called just that, a raven. The raven would just be recognized a