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What is a scaffold outrigger?

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As defined in Australian/NewZealand Standard AS/NZS1576.1 a Scaffold Outrigger is "a component (or components) that increases the effective base dimensions of a scaffold to increase its stability".

Outriggers are attached to the vertical load bearing members of the scaffold structure and are commonly used to increase the stability of freestanding towers scaffolds.
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Who uses a scaffold?

The construction and renovation industry.    Painters, window washers, and construction workers who deal with multi-story structures. Also, a hangman would used a scaffold (MORE)

How do you use scaffolding?

In many countries scaffold manufacturers must comply to the  standards and regulations specifically designed by their government  organizations in order to ensure safety to (MORE)

What is scaffolding?

temporary structure used to support people and material in the construction or repair of buildings and other large structures.
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