What is a sea cliff?

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A sea cliff is a high, steep rocky formation that is found on the edges of land on the coast. Sea Cliffs are quite common features found along exposed coastlines. They are formed by physical erosion such as wave and wind action. Most will retreat landwards as wave action undercuts their base, this will then cause the overhang to weaken, making a collapse possible.
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Highest sea cliffs?

Some sources say that the highest cliff in the world, is NangaParbat's Rupal Flank, which rises approximately 15,000 feet, aboveits base. However, according to other sources,

How do sea cliffs form?

It takes form by weathering - wind and water, mostly water. If you ever want to see the weathering take place yourself, then I suggest you try to live for a very, very, very

What is sea cliff?

It's basically a cliff at the sea. So if it's a real sea cliff, you look down and see mostly nothing but mist and sea birds, and nests. Maybe sometimes you can see the water.

How many sea cliffs are there in Ireland?

Many of Ireland's cliffs are 100's of feet high,One wrong move and you tumble onto the rocks and ocean below.Since Ireland is an Iseland,it is hard to tell how many cliffs it

How does a wave erode a sea cliff?

Actually it takes a long series of waves to erode a cliff. A wave erodes a cliff because every time it washes away, it take little bits and pieces of rock minerals. Soon, all
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Why cliffs collapse at barton on sea?

Barton on sea in Hampshire is a famous location for cliff failures. The reason for the cliff being so weak lies in its geology, with sands lying on top of clays. When heavy ra