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Segregation is the separation between races, colors, classes and more. An example of this is segregation between black and white people in the past. One more example is the social classes of America.
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What is segregation?

Segregation is enforced separation of races. . It also means to separate things. A classroom can be segregate as to age, abilities, or sex. During meiosis the chromosomes also under go a segregation process.

What does segregation mean?

Segregation means the separation of different kinds of people based on ethnicity or other factors. There was a period of time in the United States in which African-Americans were segregated.

What was segregation?

Segregation was the state and national law of separating "coloured" people from white people. Those who were oppressed often had much worse facilities, could not visit better establishments of any kind and were not permitted certain rights that others were.

What does segregation means?

Segregation is painful when it interrupts. Segregation is a monster outside your door. Segregation is separation or isolation because of race,sex ,religion,culture, or skin color. Segregation ,also,means the act of segregation,or sequestering.

What is law of segregation?

when blacks were separated for whites when blacks were separated for whites when blacks were separated for whites

Examples of Segregation?

black and white people, poor and rich, tall and short, fat and thin these are some types of it. (i think) ;)

How did segregation start?

Segregation was a byproduct of the Civil War in the former Confederate states. The southerners still felt after the Civil War that the former slaves, blacks, were inferior to former slave holders, whites. Segregation is act or process of keeping human separated in their day to day lives. The whit (MORE)

What is waste segregation?

Waste Segregation is dividing waste into dry and wet groups. Dryincludes woods, metals and glass. Wet usually means organic matter.

What are facts about segregation?

Americans generally think of segregation as a problem in thesouthern United States, where after the 1896 Supreme Court decisionof Plessy vs. Ferguson, a series of laws made the mixing of theraces illegal in schools or hospitals or theaters and evenrestricted blacks from drinking from "white only" fo (MORE)

Why did segregation end?

people finally saw the light and knew how wrong in really was (the intelligent ones, anyway) so gradually it eased out, however, racial discrimination still rears it s ugly head, so people must be vigilant that it will not happen again.

What is the theory of segregation?

Mendelian theory that two genes on a pair of homologous chromosomes are separated from each other at meiosis, eventually to end up in different gametes.. deals with the alleles governing two different traits The Theory of Segregation is a Mendelian theory that a pair of genes on a pair of homologou (MORE)

Why did segregation occur?

Mostly because people didn't want to be equal with their former slaves. (e.g. Walk on the same sidewalk as their former slaves)

What are the causes of segregation?

Many whites were getting very upset because all of the slaves that had just been freed were now able to get jobs and started taking jobs from the white men. so the white men created the Jim crow laws

Why is there segregation?

Segregation exists mostly because of society and fear of the different. People want convenience for them even if it means disconvenience for others. We also have to remember that a lot of rules were made around 1700s, and therefor aren't much good today. . It's not good to segregate people. We ha (MORE)

What was the solution to segregation?

The solution to segregation was to pass laws that madede-segregation mandatory. The laws banned any separations on theground of race in public facilities.

What causes segregation?

one reason why segregation started was because the people the were making things accrue like white people and different race of people because of the way they treated other people like blacks because of the color of there skins

What started segregation?

Segregation began soon after the end of the Civil War. In the late1800s the supreme court made decisions that upheld segregation ofblacks and whites.

What does segregation cause?

Segregation causes people to remain separated when they should befree to mingle. Segregation causes violence as well in some cases.

Why did segregation started?

Because African Americans wanted rights and Americans didn't want to be in the same places with them because, at the time, they were thought to be inferior.

Why is segregation important?

"Segregation" means to keep separate. In terms of people, segregation (particularly on ethnic or racial lines) is generally a BAD idea. In terms of the handling of reactive chemical, it is a necessary process of keeping incompatible chemicals separated so they are unlikely to interact chemically dur (MORE)

How and why did segregation start?

For more than 200 years before the Civil War, slavery existed in the United States. But after the war things began to get worse for blacks. The south thought they needed to do something. The Southern legislatures, former confederates, passed laws known as the black codes, after the war, which severe (MORE)

What did segregation do?

What segregation did was to separate black and white people and that mostly happened in the bus a perfect example is Rosa Parks. What happened was that Rosa would not give her seat to a white men and just for that she got arrested.

Why do we do waste segregation?

It enables more of the waste to be recycled, which reduces the drain on resources and energy when new stuff is being produced. It also reduces the amount of stuff that has to go to landfills, which is also environmentally good.

What are segregation laws?

Segregation laws are laws that discriminate against a particular race, or group of people or even women as example. An interesting example of a USA segregation law was in the time leading up to the US Civil War. Most all " Northern States" had laws against slavery. What is often overlooked however w (MORE)

How did segregation occur?

Once the slaves were freed by the emancipation proclamation, people had still thought they were inferior because they were originally slaves. Being that people didn't want to be held on the same level as slaves, they had separated themselves from them and thus, segregation.

What are the consequence of the segregation?

Segregation insulates the rich from the poor and alows the rich to feel better about themselves. the consequenses are always that those that are forcibly segragated are not segregated from doing the hard and dirty menial work for the segregators and for very low pay. It leads to eventual revolution (MORE)

When did segregation occur?

Segregation dates all the way back to when slaves were set free when Abraham Lincoln was elected president in 1861. It really hit in the earlys 1920's all the way to about the 1960's when John F Kennedy was elected president and made schools integreted.

What is gene segregation?

this is one of Mendel's genetic laws that states that allele pairs segregate during gamete formation and randomly unite at fertilization during the process of mitosis(anaphase)

Who created segregation?

New Orleans created segregated red light districts for white and blacks prostitutes. When the U.S. entered WW II the south was a fully segregated.I am not completely sure but that is all i could find.

What is segregation in the US?

The Supreme Court decision Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) legalizedracial segregation in the United States. It meant that AfricanAmericans and White Americans could not use the same public places,such as schools, restaurants, and bathrooms.

What rhymes with segregate?

hyperventilate. overestimate. overregulate. overspeculate. redisseminate. reinterrogate. reinvestigate. underestimate. undomesticate. unpremeditate. authenticate. clandestinate. compenetrate. disseminate. domesticate. electroplate. impenetrate. inseminate. interrogate. investigate (MORE)

What is Garbage Segregation?

well segregation is to put off in an area just by itself so garbage segregation is to collect garbage and put it in an area where it is alone its kind of like catagorizing something it would be garbage away from everything else. In this case,the garbage may be hazardous

Why segregation is wrong?

Because everyone on this planet has equal rights, and just because people maybe we can't understand some peoples language or don't believe in their religion, or the most simple thing like they don't have the same skin color does not mean that they should be treated differently from the way that we t (MORE)

What cause segregation?

Segregation is the result of a society that is beginning to realizehuman equality but is still divided by the ideas that races shouldremain separate even if they are equal and the idea that we are allequal and should all have the same rights and freedoms. Thisseiparation only lasted as long as there (MORE)

How was segregation ended and when?

Everybody know that Martin Luther king made a speech and when he made that speech someone shot him because they did not wanna see presidents doing the right thing's.

What does segregated mean?

'Segregated' usually means seperated. A lot of the time segregation is used to describe the separation of whites from blacks through the early and mid-1900s.

What is a segregated schools?

Racial Segregated schools where where people separated black people from white and kept them in different school.

How do you end segregation?

Some efforts to end segregation were the Montgomery Bus Boycott, Greensboro sit-in, and The March on Washington.

What is segregation and what is the result of segregation?

Segregation is separation: 1. The act of segregating, or the state of being segregated; separation from others; a parting. 2. (Science: geology) separation from a mass, and gathering about centers or into cavities at hand through cohesive attraction or the crystallizing process. 3. (genetic) the (MORE)

Is segregation fair?

Yes. It should still be used now. THose colored people should be slaves all their lives. i hate them

What did Kansas have to do with segregation?

Kind of a vague question, but since the category is regarding the civil war I'll go that direction. Bloody Kansas or the Border War , was a series of violent events, involving anti-slavery Free-Staters and pro-slavery "Border Ruffian" elements, that took place in the Kansas Territory and the we (MORE)

When did segregation end'?

Segregation ended after Brown vs. Board of education was passed, when MLK made his speech, when the jim crow laws were killed, etc. There are many different checkpoints, but there was never a specific date of the end.

How did segregation get starded?

From the very moment man stepped out of the cave he began to separate himself from other people he considered to be different from him. At the same time slavery began, so these things have always been part of the history of man.

What impacts did segregation have?

Segregation had terrible impacts on African Americans at the turn of the century. Not only were they discriminated against, but also discrimination was often violent. They were humiliated and were told they were no better than animals, and could not mix with the rest of society.