What is a shuffle button on an elevator?

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Here is the answer directly from Otis:
"The Shuffle button is used only by Otis Technicians when they need to change the placement of the lower/upper deck elevators. It allows them to safely board the lower deck car top from the main lobby. A special code is required from the Elevator management system to allow shuffle operation to be activated."
Keep in mind that the elevators in question are double-decked and serve two floors at once.
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You just bought a 98 mercury sable have no book and can't tell if it has a CD player it has a button for disc 1-6 and shuffle when you press the CD button it says no dj help?

I would say that you don't have one. The radios are generic they can be used with or w/o CD changers. It is just the difference on the CD changer remote wire running to the back of the radio. There are only a few places that would be located. Trunk, glove box, middle console, or underneath one the seats. These are really the only places that the factory puts them. Hope this helps. Answer In the 1998 Sable - Taurus, the CD changer is in the back left corner of the trunk. In the wagon, the changer is over on the other side on the right. See "Related Questions" below for more about Taurus - Sable radios

How do you do the Cupid Shuffle?

there's four parts: 1. step to the right four times. kinda march sideways. 2. from where you ended #1, step to the left four times. 3. kick four times. make it a shallow kick, about a foot out, with your heel either still touching the floor or just above it. add a little bounce if you'd like. 4. walk it by yourself. this is where you can do a little improv. do a couple random steps if you want. but then you need to turn ninety degrees to your left with the rest of the people. :) add some personality to this. it's very simple and very fun. How To Do The Cupid Shuffle 1. Step to the right 4 times 2. Step to the left 4 times 3. Kick 4 times 4. Turn sideways and do the whole thing all over again how to do the cupid shuffle correctly!!!! JUST HAVE FUN FUN!!!!!!!

What are elevators?

elevators are machines installed in tall buildings ,to take people to upper floors in few seconds. Answer . el·e·va·tor (?l ' ?-v?'t?r) n. . A platform or an enclosure raised and lowered in a vertical shaft to transport people or freight. . The enclosure or platform with its operating equipment, motor, cables, and accessories. . A movable control surface, usually attached to the horizontal stabilizer of an aircraft, that is used to produce motion up or down. . A mechanism, often with buckets or scoops attached to a conveyor, used for hoisting materials. . A granary equipped with devices for hoisting and discharging grain. . Above retrieved from Answers.com Viper1

What is an iPod shuffle?

It holds songs and is mostly used for running, exercising. Very useful. I have one for sale. I want $30.00 on craigslist. With charger. Holds about 150 songs.

How do you truffle shuffle?


Why can't Jewish people touch elevator buttons?

Most days of the year Jews can press elevator buttons. However, on Shabbat/Shabbos (the Jewish Sabbath), Friday from sundown until Saturday after twilight; and Jewish Holidays (a list of which you can find at http://www.answers.com/topic/jewish-holiday ), Jews are forbidden from closing electric circuits and putting on lights - as part of the 39 categories of "work" that they may not do on holy days (Exodus 31:13-17; Talmud, Shabbat 73b). (See a list of these categories on http://www.answers.com/topic/39-categories-of-activity-prohibited-on-shabbat ) Pressing elevator buttons would violate the prohibition of not doing "work" on these holy days.

What is a button?

A button is a fastener for clothing which is attached to one piece of fabric and pushed through a slit called a buttonhole in another and will not easily be pulled back through the slit, thus fastening the two. Buttons come in all shapes and sizes. The word can also be used for other button-shaped objects, especially a device for making a selection by pushing. These can be mechanical, electrical or virtual in character.

How do you shuffle cards?

pick up 2 piles of cards and put 1 in the middle of the pack and do it again and again repeat......

What is the teufel shuffle?

New York Met's Tim Teufel would perform a little butt wiggling dance from time to time, this was the Teufel Shuffle.

How do elevator buttons work?

When you press the button, a microswitch creates a circuit. That circuit sends a signal to the elevator controller, which is a computer that runs the elevator. Instantly, the controller powers the light inside the button, which is usually an LED. At the same time, the elevator is dispatched to your location based on a mathematical formula. Once the elevator arrives, the LEDs in the button are turned off. Buttons vary greatly, but a generally divided into vandal resistant or plastic. Vandal resistance is typically defined as a metal button that lands on solid metal when depressed. See www.epco.us for examples of many kinds of buttons.

What can you do with iPod shuffle?

The new iPod shuffle has a built-in clip so you can put it on your jacket, belt, or whatever. It doesn't have a screen, so it doesn't have all the features (i.e. games, calendar, clock) as an iPod nano or classic. There is a doohickey on the side where you can randomize the order of the songs or play them in alphebetical order. They come in cool colors!. The new iPod shuffle has a built-in clip so you can put it on your jacket, belt, or whatever. It doesn't have a screen, so it doesn't have all the features (i.e. games, calendar, clock) as an iPod nano or classic. There is a doohickey on the side where you can randomize the order of the songs or play them in alphebetical order. They come in cool colors!. The new iPod shuffle has a built-in clip so you can put it on your jacket, belt, or whatever. It doesn't have a screen, so it doesn't have all the features (i.e. games, calendar, clock) as an iPod nano or classic. There is a doohickey on the side where you can randomize the order of the songs or play them in alphebetical order. They come in cool colors!

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Gene shuffling is when the natural trait of a single phenotype favours over the extreme traits over the intermediate.

What is the Melbourne shuffle?

It is a 2-step dance, that is ussually danced along to a 120-160 Beats per minute song, such as Hardstyle, house, electro or rave music

What is in a elevator?

Cab, control panel, lights, floor, walls, certificate, handles,floor buttons, door buttons, alarm, phone, fan, brand name,lanterns, and ceiling.

What does the iPod shuffle do?

it shuffles up your songs so they play randomly and also so you don't see what song it is i play a game i share mine with my friend and first to figure out the song gets a point its quite funish

Why do you have elevators?

can someone climb 30 floors to an office every day ? of course not . we can have high buildings because we have elevators

What rhymes with shuffle?

muffle huffle duffle buffle Kerfuffle (as in disturbance), Duffel (as in coat - or, more accurately, the buttons on a duffel coat), Muffle (as in silence), Ruffle (as in tousle or 'mess up', or to upset someone [he ruffled her feathers]), Ruffle rhymes with shuffle. By: Princess Narima Shaffie

Why do you shuffle paper?

Most of us shuffle paper to introduce a bit of air between the sheets. This air lets the paper sheets shift some with respect to each other, and we can then get them "lined up" by grasping the stack of papers and tapping the stack on an edge.. In commercial printing, a stack of paper is sometimes called a lift of paper, and the pressman will fan the lift of paper to line it up before loading it into the in-feed end of a press. The printer fans that lift of paper to get it to line up and them stacks it on the in-feed table.

What is shuffling get?

Shuffling in music is when the order that the music would be played in is mixed up randomly.

What does shuffle mean?

If you mean "shuffle" as in a style of walking, it means to walk without picking your feet up much; just kind of sliding them along the ground, but quickly, not dragging slowly. "Shuffle" is also a tap dance move where you brush your foot on the floor twice; once out, and once in.

Do You Like Shuffle?

Yes im in HSKR HardStyle Klowns Reborn this is a new Shuffleing Crew in NZ and we love shuffle

What is Melbourne shuffling?

A style of dance. Looks pretty good if done properly. Look up "melbourne shuffle" on youtube and u can see exactly what it's supposed to look like. There are also videos that teach you how to do it.

How can you make the IPod Shuffle stop shuffling?

If you have the small version without the screen, then there should be a little switch with arrows that go around in a circle and arrows that cross each other, flick your switch to the arrow that has the circle. Then it should go alphabetically.

How do you shuffle dance?

Its like the running man, or skipping backwards. But you put your elbows by your side at a 90 degree angle and push them back as you are "shuffling". If this doesn't help look up a video on youtube.

What is shuffle music?

Shuffle music normally refers to when someone has some sort ofmusic player on the mode that is called shuffle. This means that itcan switch around from different artists, and is completely random.

How did shuffling start?

The shuffle The Melbourne shuffle is a dance involving quick movement of the toes and heels. Explore the history of the Melbourne shuffle and how it spread throughout the world. Get insights on how the Internet has helped popularize this dance. The Melbourne shuffle dancing style involves rapid movement of the toes and heels. Depending on the variation, the dance may involve some arm movements. The dance is performed to electronic music. Historical Background This dance emerged in the Melbourne underground dance scene in the mid to late 1980s. The pioneer is not known, but the most likely source were Irish immigrants. Originally, it was simply another variant of the various trance and house dance steps popular in the underground scene. Over time however, the dance came into its own. It has become known for the variants that employ hand movements, something not usually seen from other dances before it. Middle - Late 1990s to the Present While the Melbourne shuffle dance came from the underground, it became very popular and by the mid 1990s had become a staple in many clubs. As it became more popular, several variants emerged. However, the basic motion -heel to toe- remains present in all variants. The dance would gain even more popularity thanks to sites like YouTube. This provided an avenue for the dancers to showcase their wares online. At the same time, the dance became known to people other than those in the underground dance scene. The rapid growth of online videos allowed people to learn many of the variants. At the same time, new styles came into being. shuffling started in 1980

How do you get the shuffle off an iPod shuffle?

There is a little switch by the on and off switch.... to the left. There are two arrows and the ones that cross and then go the same way is NO Shuffle. But the other one is to MAKE it shuffle.... Hope I helped! LoL!

How do you get a button?

Get a person who owns lots of buttons to give you one. If they dont give you one, attack them!

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In my opinion shuffling is really cool. It has a lot of different styles you can put into it and stuff so yea. But then again i dont like how SOME people shuffle cuz i dont like when people shake there heads like they're having a seizure so yea it kind of just depends on what you like to do when it comes to dancing. By the way if you want a pretty basic tutorial of how to shuffle go to youtube and type in " how to shuffle dance" it will be the second video and the guys name on youtube is EmeraldSupernova. It really helped me so i think you should check him out. :)

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People think the shuffle was only just invented when LMFAO came out but what they dont know is that the shuffle was being used in the first episode of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air which came out in 1990

What is the body shuffle?

Body Shuffle is an iPhone app that lets you to take photos of your favorite living things, swap out heads, torsos and legs to create hilarious mash-ups of your friends, family, pets and anyone.

What are iPod shuffles?

they are small ipods the only one with out a screen they have a wheel with four signs at the top of them there is an on or off button and a shuffle button and it has a clip so you can clip it on to your clothes i use it when i am running because it is not heavy and i can clip it on to my clothes easily without it falling off

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shuffling came from the devil and his demons because the devil wants you to dance for him so he can take you to hell and suffer for eternal life.

What is the malaysian shuffle?

The Malaysian shuffle is a form of dancing where you could where a snap back a tail a vest a sweater skinnys . the music is usually remixes but this is bad-ass look it up on you tube spread the word learn how!!!!!