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What is a simile for a baby that cries a lot?

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the baby cried as much as a fish swims
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What songs have lots of similes and metaphors?

Hot and cold by Katy perry: you change you're mind like a girl changes clothes. A year without rain by Selena Gomez: a day without you is like a year without rain. My world

What does it mean when a cat cries a lot?

i have a 18 year old cat that seems to cry often. she weights little to nothing. she's always been small and not much to her. now she seems to want to eat often but will only

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d-d-doing yo mom d-d-doing yo mom d-doing yo mom every single day im stalkin your mom even down the streets on a beautiful summer day the wind blows right off the mans tupe an

What can you do if a newborn puppy cries a lot?

First of all is there any sign of injury/abnormality to the puppy which may have occurred during it's birth. Puppies cry just like newborn babies do, it is to get your attenti
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When a baby cries does your boobies get bigger?

No, this change usually happens during pregnancy where the milk ducts in the breasts enlarge and expand in preparation to produce milk. They are likely to become larger a few