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In Skiing
a ski pass is a card that is usually valid for 6 days if you are staying for a week. This allows you to use any ski lift or shuttle up the mountain for you to ski on the piste (slopes).
at the end of your holiday, you can give it back for your deposit, or keep it as a souvenir.
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Where was skiing invented?

3 answers after a merger: 1. Pre-historic Nordic people invented skiing to assist hunting, military technique, and as a practical transportation for themselves and the Samis. The oldest and most accurately documented evidence of skiing origins is found in modern day Norway and Sweden. The earlies (MORE)

Does skiing have rules?

If you are talking about racing, the rules are governed by theFIS. For recreational skiing there are rules of etiquette and in the USA(and elsewhere) safety rules are law in some states (such asColorado's Skier Responsibility Code). SKI SAFETY EXAMPLE (from?) 1. Respect for others Peopl (MORE)

What is skiing?

Skiing is probably one of the most popularwinter sports. Every year, millions of people would hit the snowy slopes forsome challenge and fun. Skiing is an equipment oriented sport and it would behard to enjoy this activity if you don't have the right equipment.. Skis were originally made from wood. (MORE)

Why was skiing invented?

Skiing was invented because some people were having trouble going trough the snow, so they used animal bones that they hunted down.

Skiing satictics are?

You need to be more specific with your question - statistic for number of skiiers, acidents, skii lift use, number of resorts, age of skiis. When asking questions of WikiAnswers PLEASE ask specific questions.

When and where did skiing come from?

3 answers after a merger: 1. Pre-historic Nordic people invented skiing to assist hunting, military technique, and as a practical transportation for themselves and the Samis. The oldest and most accurately documented evidence of skiing origins is found in modern day Norway and Sweden. The earlies (MORE)

What is the history of skiing?

\n. \nThe First Skiing\nSkiing may have come from snowshoeing. Though the history of skiing is somewhat obscure, we do know that the first type of skiing was cross country skiing. Down hill skiing evolved later on.\n. \nThe First Ski Poles\nThe first ski poles evolved from walking sticks. They wer (MORE)

What were the changes in skiing?

There were many changes in skiing. from how the ski was made to to technique. The Ski was originally made out of wood but now a days there is a thin piece of metal in the high tech ones with no wood found in any. Also the binding and boot has changed with the ski. The boots have now a warm linner w (MORE)

What do you need to ski?

coat, sallopettes, gloves, goggles or glasses, ski socks, ski boots, skis, sun cream, a hat, ski poles, polar necks, thermal underwear

Where can you ski?

Mostly anywhere where their is snow and mountains or dry slopes. Answer In the United States, you can find ski resorts in California,Idaho, Montana, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and Alaska. Also, the Yabuli International ski resort is wonderful in China,the slopes and the place are very great! You (MORE)

What effects does ski wax do on skis?

Ski Wax basically helps the ski Glide better on snow. There are some different types of wax, but your basic wax (forskiing/ snowboarding) creates a layer on the base of your ski (orboard) that helps maximize the the film of water that is createdbetween your ski and the snow, helping it to go faste (MORE)

How much does a bear creek ski pass cost?

Its not worth the money. I was a loyal pass holder and this past season i was not able to use my pass because of buying house and wedding planning. I never even went to get my pic taken and pass. They refuse to roll over my pass to this season even though their site says that they will with no penea (MORE)

What skiing gear do you need to ski?

from top to bottom helmet/hat goggles scarf long sleeve top jacket thurmal underwear salopettes ski poles -for advanced skiers ski socks ski boots skis and also some sunblock goggles are usually a good idea

Why is skiing called skiing?

Skiing was invented in Scandinavia where they used to speak Norse, the word skiing comes from the old Norse word skíð which translates as a stick of wood

What does ski ski mean?

There is no meaning for the word "ski ski" , its not a word. If you mean ski, then that is a sport . You can look it up on google, i dont have the complete definition. Good luck , QuestionGuru12

Do they have skiing in the tundra?

Yes, they would have skiing in the (biome) tundra. By the definition the tundra is an area with low tree growth and short growing seasons(because of the cold). Because of this the tundra is actually ideal for skiing in.

What are the advantages of skiing?

the places you can go the sites you can see and can be very romantic. but also great fitness and very fun some thing the hole family can take part in. :) x

How do you jump on skis?

Jumping on skis is one of the many joys of skiing. It can be done by beginners just hitting little bump or an expert doing inverted tricks on massive gap jumps. But basically all of them are the same. First of all you need to go by once first to see the landing. When doing the jump there are four th (MORE)

What is a skiing holiday?

A skiing holiday is a holiday where you use ski's (long pieces of carbon fibre on your feet) to travel over snow covered ground, whether that be downhill, across flat ground, or even a little uphill. There are lots of different types of ski holiday: Alpine Cross-country Back-country Heliskiing And (MORE)

What types of skiing is there?

There is freestyle, where you do tricks off jumps and rails. There is slalom, where you race between two sets of poles. Alpine skiing, or downhill skiing, where you just go skiing for the fun of it. Cross country skiing, in which you push yourself forward on mostly flat terrain using your poles and (MORE)

Where should the ski binding be on the ski?

Where the binding is mounted is all about personal preference. If you ski terrain park, a center mount could be more your style, where as if you ski all mountain, you may wish to mount farther back. Many skis come with a "recommended" line. You may wish to go from there. If you have further question (MORE)

What did skis improve in alpine skiing?

The carving shape coming from snowboarding to make more fluent turns so you can keep your speed quiet constant in a corner and are able to accelerate when coming out a turn.

Is there skiing in Italy?

There are lots of ski resorts in Italy, including some of the largest in the world (Dolomiti Superski). Remember that Italy has some of the highest mountain in western Europe, They run almost the whole length of Northern Italy and there are some further south in the spine of the country

Where are people skiing?

This is an extremely broad question, so my answer is very broad. Anywhere with a good mountain and good snow.

What is the difference between ski and skis?

Ski is the abbreviation of skiing, and skis are the long pieces of carbon fibre (although other materials are used) that you attach to your feet to glide across the snow. In other words, skis are used to go and ski / go skiing.

Can you ski on ice?

Yes, but not like skating. If the ski hill gets icy, you can still carve over it, as long as your edges are sharp.

What is du ski?

DU is a Private university in Denver, Colorado With the nations number one Alpine and Nordic combined Team. they have many NCAA titles.

Is skiing expensive?

The basic answer would be yes. This is because you have to buy or rent skis, boots and poles, and you have to buy a jacket, base layer, mid layer, gloves, helmet (this one is NOT optional!!!) and goggles. You also have to get a lift ticket. Skiing is so rewarding, however, that the cost is very wort (MORE)

Where can you ski in September?

One can easily ski in September in the Andes (for example, at Portillo) or in New Zealand. As for the Northern Hemisphere, when September would be late summer, the answer varies. Sometimes, snow lasts into September at very high altitude ski areas with glacial fields, such as Mt. Hood or Colorado's (MORE)

What hold ski boots to ski?

Bindings. These are devices that are permanently attached to the ski (with hidden screws). The boots snap into these bindings holding them at the toe and heel. They are designed to release when the skier falls and there is sudden and/or strong force pulling or twisting them apart, to prevent injury. (MORE)

Can you ski in Phoenix?

Yes, you can, but there's not much snow there, so I'm not sure how easy it is to find a ski resort. Try to check in your local area if there are any skiing places around.

How do you Ski faster?

The more turns you make the slower you go. So I suggest the faster you wanna go, the less turns make and drive in a straight row, while this may be dangerous because if you go really fast and there is some bump on the hill, then you can end up with a broken leg.

What does skiing do for your health?

It gives you something to do during the winter, and its something you can do with friends and family. It helps your legs and little on arms maybe stomach. I have skied for 40 years and was on ski patrol for several. Skiing works your entire body and improves your sense of balance. If you just sk (MORE)

How do you ski in Reno?

To glide- use polls, keep your legs straight and skis straight and push. To stop- make a pizza shape with your skis or/and use your polls to help you stop. You can also make S shapes to slow down. To change direction, put weight on opposite foot.

How is skiing good for you?

It depends what kind.....Cross-country skiing at a good pace (generally on a rolling hills terrain to very hilly) is proven to be the best sport for you. Skate-skiing works nearly every muscle!! Downhill skiing on the other hand is a leisurely and pointless sport if you are looking to get fit!!! (MORE)

Is freestyle skiing alpine skiing?

It can be. Alpine skiing means downhill skiing while nordic skiing is cross-country skiing. Freestyle is part of alpine, but instead of just going down the mountain freestyle is specifially jumps, grinds tricks etc.

How do you spell skies is it skies or sky's and why?

The plural spelling is skies . A consonant-Y ending to a word usually results in it changing the Y to I and adding -ES. The word sky's is the singular possessive form of the noun sky. The use of the apostrophe S ('s) indicates that a noun that follows belongs to that noun. An apostrophe sh (MORE)

What is a skiing?

Skiing is a winter sport where you wear boots that attach to skis. There are ski hills and you stand up and slide with the skis attached to your feet down the hill. In order to get to the top of the hill there is somthing called a chairlift, which is kinda fun!

Why did the people make donner pass a summer resort and a ski resort?

Donner Pass is a pretty large area, and actually there are three ski resorts you will pass if driving over it. Sugar Bowl, Donner Ski Ranch, Boreal, also there is Kingvale for people to enjoy sledding. People made these resorts because skiing is a fun winter activity and it is in a beautiful locatio (MORE)

Where could one inquire about the pricing of a Colorado ski pass?

No, but Monarch Mountain's pass now offers more areas and more variety than any other pass in the universe. With skiing and riding privileges on two continents, four countries and nine states the One Planet - One Pass offers more areas than any other pass in the universe. In Colorado alone One Pl (MORE)