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Good quality baseballs and softballs are made completely differently.

Inexpensive softballs are made of a cork and rubber mixture and a vinyl or other synthetic cover, then stitched with yarn.

The vast majority of softballs, both slowpitch and fastpitch, are made of a solid polyurethane core and a leather cover stitched with nylon thread. The cover on better softballs is glued to the core before stitching. A fastpitch softball has raised seams and a slowpitch softball has flat seams.

The core is the ball itself, not to be confused with COR, which stands for Coefficient of Restitution. Softballs are measure by two variables - COR and Compression. The higher of either number the harder the ball.

The compression is simply the pounds per square inch required to compress the ball 1/4". The COR is the speed in which the ball goes from the compressed state back to its original round state (rebound).
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What materials are softballs made of?

    Answer     cork,thread, and leather

How is a softball made?

The process of making softballs is basically the same as making baseballs, But different material is used, and size. A thin layer of string is woven around a core center. Th

What are softballs made out of?

Most softballs are made out of a solid polyurethane core and a leather cover stitched up with a nylon thread. There is also glue attaching the core and the cover of the softba

What is the softball made of?

Here's the real deal: Leprachauns control how the ball goes because they sit in the middle (core). So be on a Leprachauns good side. They have this power by using the unicorn

Where was a softball made?

  A softball is made of leather on top and yarn or string to hold the two pieces of leather together. Inside is compresed foam or urithane foam.

What are softball bases made of?

Most softball bases today are made out of rubber. They do have a metal bottom that allows the base to stay where it is supposed to be. There are throw-down bases that are made
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How was softball made?

George Hancock is given credit for founding softball because in a gymnasium after watching the harvard-yale football game in 1887 he threw a ball at another man and yelled let
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What is a softball made out if?

A standard softball has cork for the very center and then there is a layer of 'string' like materials outside the cork. The very outside is covered with a thick layer of leath