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A telephone is another name for a 'phone' or a 'mobile' or even a 'cell', which are all slang terms for the telephone.

A telephone is a communication device used between two people in two different locations (anywhere in the world now - thanks to satelite phones).

It is used for two people to talk to each other.
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What is a Telephone WATS line?

Watts line is a dedicated long distance service for government or corporate use. Set fee on unlimited use. I remember them from pre cell days being in service. It's actually

What is a telephone ringmaster?

  RingMaster service enables two or three telephone numbers to share one line. A unique ringing pattern is provided for each of the additional numbers. This allows a custo

Who created the telephone?

Alexander Graham Bell invented the modern telephone after years of  working with the deaf. His studies in sound led to a contract to  develop an "acoustic telegraph" and his

What is a telephone conversation?

  A talk that is held between 2 or more people on telephones. Conversation is talking between 2 or more people.

What did the telephone do?

It speed up the communication. It created a new channel for long  distance communication, instead of letters which requires long time  to deliver and may become lost.

What is a telephone joker?

is one of the jokers the contestants in the tv show "who wants to be a millionaire?" can use to ask help for a friend with any of the questions

How was the telephone used?

The first telephone was made with the knowledge that sound gave off waves due to vibrations, like the ripples in water. These sound waves were copied over onto carbon grains,

What can telephones do?

Telephones are used to transfer audio tones over copper wire. Giving us the capabilities to communicate especially in long distances. With the telephone cabling system we are

What is a telephone directory?

A telephone directory, also known as a phone book, is an alphabetical listing of people and their phone numbers. If you want to phone someone, and you know the name but not th