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A velocity microphone is a sensor whose electric output depends on the velocity of the air particles that form a sound wave . Examples are a hot-wire microphone and a ribbon microphone (bi-directional).
Velocity-sensitive microphones also respond much more to wind noise than pressure sensitive microphones (omnis). You get heavy bass tip-up or proximity effect if the sound source is close to the microphone. Cheers ebs
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What is microphone mesh for?

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Who discovered the microphone?

In 1877, German immigrant, Emile Berliner invented the microphone.

What is the difference between the velocity operated and pressure operated microphones?

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There are many possible functions of a microphone. The biggest  function is to project the voice to the intended audience.

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Velocity is a physical vector direction quantityboth magnitude and direction needed to define it.

What is a microphone?

a transducer that converts sound to electrical signals

What does a microphone do?

It converts sound into an electrical signal. A microphone is a device that makes your voice louder.

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What earphones have a microphone in them?

All Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, like Bose and others, have a monitoring microphone in them. Any insert earphone is actually a tiny microphone used in reverse. Nacre Qu