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What is a word that rhymes with pure is a word that that means to be certain to be?

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What rhymes with pure?

Cure, lure, moor, sure, tour, your, you're, assure, brochure,  couture, demure, endure, ensure, manure, mature, obscure, procure,  secure, stamour, unsure, immature, reassur

What does the word rhyme mean?

Idk how to explain it but like Cow Pow is rhyming, they have the same syllables and sound alike.  Hmmm.... quite hard to explain, sort of like words that sound slightly alike

Word gives meaning of pure taste and freshness?

Pure taste and freshness is in most cases what taste one is used to from a product. If something has got a pure taste, then the product taste of one specific thing. It does n
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What is pure rhyme?

Something that rhymes exactly and is spelled the same with the same endings. And example would be: ham am slam