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Dictionary Answer A writ of possession is a legal precept directing a sheriff to put a person in peaceable possession of property recovered in ejectment or writ of entry. Real World Answer It's a court order to move out right now. If you don't, you will be forcibly removed by law enforcement, along with your stuff (at your expense), real soon!
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What is protective writ?

  Depending on terminology of your jurisdiction, a writ is a claim, action or other document by which proceedings to sue are initiated.   The term 'protective writ' o

Is we possessive?

No, the word 'we' is a personal pronoun, the first person plural subjective form; the objective form is 'us'. Example: We want you to come with us. The possessive forms are

What is blue writ?

  A writ of bodily attachment ("Blue Writ") is issued for somebody's arrest when they have traditionally missed a court date or payment.

What is the possessive of it?

  its. It's is a contraction for it is. Think about it: how else could you form the contraction of it is? One of the most common errors - in fact, just now committed by my

What is writ?

Legal document issued by court or judicial officer

Writ of possession versus writ of execution?

The writ of possession is nothing more than a complement of the  writ of execution which, without the former, is ineffective; for it  would be useless to order a sheriff to

What is the writs assistance?

The Writs of Assistance were a law saying that anyone with a legal document could come into the colonists' houses without permission to look for smuggled goods and allowed the

How much time do you legally have to get out of home after writ of possession?

  Answer     State laws regulate the length of time a person is given to vacate premises. In some instances it can be as little as 30 days in others a year or mor

What is a writ of execution?

  A writ of execution (also known as a writ of final judgment) is an order from the court allowing the judgment holder to attach or seize real or personal property belongi

What is the Writ of assistance?

The Writ Of Assistance Was When boston soldiers killed a lot of people so the government did the writ of assistance to stop all this killing.

What are possessives?

Possessives are words which denote ownership, they are possessive nouns and possessive pronouns. Possessive nouns are formed by adding an apostrophe -s to the end of the wor

When serving a writ of possession can they come in my house when I'm not at home?

To cut to the chase, yes. When a writ of possession is being served, the Law Enforcement Agency will first post a notice to vacate, which will identify when they will take pos

How do you get possessed?

One answer from our community:    Demon possession is a very real thing: if a person doesn't believe  in demons and therefore demon-possession in the first place then
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What is a possessive?

A possessive noun is a noun indicating ownership,  possession, origin or purpose. For example "the story of the  witness" can be turned into "the witness's story".   The

What is a possession?

- noun 1. the act or fact of possessing. 2. the state of being possessed. 3. ownership. 4. Law. actual holding or occupancy, either with or without rights of o

What is popular writting?

first of all you spelled writing wrong but who cares. popular authors for pre-teens:J.K. Rowling, Judy Blume, Roald Dahl, Megan McDonald, Rick Riordan, Jeff Kinney, Dav Pilkey