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Dictionary Answer A writ of possession is a legal precept directing a sheriff to put a person in peaceable possession of property recovered in ejectment or writ of entry. Real World Answer It's a court order to move out right now. If you don't, you will be forcibly removed by law enforcement, along with your stuff (at your expense), real soon!
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How much time do you legally have to get out of home after writ of possession?

  Answer     State laws regulate the length of time a person is given to vacate premises. In some instances it can be as little as 30 days in others a year or mor

Texas writ of possession?

You do not disclose WHAT it is you want to know about it and Texas Property Code - Section 24.0061 is too lengthy to synopsize here See below link for the complete statute:

Is IT possessive?

The possessive of 'it' is its. No apostrophe!   The words its, his, hers, ours, theirs and yours are possessive  personal pronouns. They do not have an apostrophe.  

Writ of possession versus writ of execution?

The writ of possession is nothing more than a complement of the  writ of execution which, without the former, is ineffective; for it  would be useless to order a sheriff to

Can a eviction writ of possession be filed if the outstanding rent balance on the original judgment has been paid?

Okay, let's clarify something here: An EVICTION is a court hearing initiated by a landlord for violation of lease terms, for example, non-payment of rent A WRIT OF POSSESSION

Is a writ of possession an eviction?

      It is one part of the whole eviction process.     The writ is what you give to the Sheriff for the eviction.     Then the Sheriff goes to the p

When serving a writ of possession can they come in my house when I'm not at home?

To cut to the chase, yes. When a writ of possession is being served, the Law Enforcement Agency will first post a notice to vacate, which will identify when they will take pos

Does the sheriff serve a writ of possession the same day he is paid?

That would depend upon state and county laws and whether or not the writ must be served personally (handed to a particular individual), left with anyone at a specific address,