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Alternating voltage is the E.M.F. and is one whose magnitude whose magnitude changes with time and direction reverses periodically.
The instantaneous value is given by
E=Eo sin w t, where,E=value of alternating voltage at time t
Eo = maximum value of alternating voltage(amplitude)
w=angular frequency of supply.
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How much voltage does an alternator put out?

Automotive Alternator Output Voltages With a properly operating alternator, AND electrical system, a voltage output range of 13.5 Volts to 16 Volts is considered acceptable.

What voltage should your alternator produce?

Charging Voltage Range  On vehicles with a 12 Volt electrical system the alternator [or generator if so equipped] output voltage is considered acceptable if it is in the rang

What is the RMS value of an alternating voltage?

The RMS value of an sinusoidal alternating voltage is 0.707 of the peak value. That is one half of the square root of two. The r.m.s. value of any alternating current or volt

Why it is called alternating current not alternating voltage?

There's absolutely nothing wrong with using the term 'alternating voltage', if you are describing voltage rather than current. However, In engineering terminology, the abbrevi

A transformer decreases the voltage of an alternating current?

This type of transformer is called a Step-Down transformer. All transformers have an input to output ratio. The transformers that increase voltage are called Step-up, and the

What is the voltage output from alternator to battery?

Normal voltage will be in the 13.5 to 15 volt range engine running turning about 2,000 rpms. It shouldn't exceed 16 volts or it will boil your battery. If it does not run in t

Why is alternating current low voltage?

  Alternating current is not necessairly low voltage, on the controrary AC is more oftenly used for when high voltage is needed. Most power distribution systems (extremely