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  • An alleged perpetrator is only under suspicion until proven that they are a perpetrator. The word 'alleged' is a legal term used when they have no evidence to prove the individual they suspect is otherwise proven by the law there is evidence they are a perpetrator. Example: If someone called you a liar and gossiped enough to tarnish your reputation then you could try and sue them, but, if they say that you are an alleged liar there is no clear cut evidence you are.
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Who are perpetrators?

Someone who perform an act. Example: the perpetrators were calledin the court.

What are allegations?

\nA claim that someone has done something illegal.

What does perpetrator mean?

The person who does something. Usually it's something bad. "A murder has been committed, but police have caught the perpetrator"

What is the definition of perpetrator?

A perpetrator is a person who commits a serious crime or evil action, causing grievous harm or death to the victim. It is also used of those who commit atrocities. Someone w

A sentence for perpetrate?

The 2 men decided to perpetrate a crime against the jewelry store.

Who was the holocaust perpetrators?

If you mean the WWII holocaust, mainly Nazi Germany. There were other mass killings around that time: Japan in China,and Stalin in the Soviet Union.