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An Impairment rating is where specific guidelines are used by the physician who will determine what % of function of that body part has been lossed due to injury/condition etc... For example if you are a construction worker and lets say you lose your left little toe, the Impairment rating may be 4% to the whole foot and 1% to the lower extremity..because the loss is greater to the foot but to your whole leg it is not AS big of loss if that makes since. Then this % is given a money value depending on your states worker comp laws etc..and you may be due a specific sum of money.
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Did Moses of the Bible have a speech impairment?

Yes....He stuttered Answer Exodus 4:10 - 'Moses said to the LORD, "O Lord, I have never been eloquent, neither in the past nor since you have spoken to your servant. I am slow of speech and tongue.' An actual problem is not specified, but it could be that Moses considered himself not up to the public speaking required of him. Better Answer No, Actually Moses said to the Lord that he was not up to the job, but in the New Testament, Stephen tesitfied that Moses was a great and powerful speaker. Moses, probably, said that he was not up to the job of leading the people out of bondage because Moses was very humble, more than any man who was on the face of the earth.) Num 12:3 (NASB77) Stephen's statement was a truthful statement. In addition, Moses was always the one doing the talking before the leaders and the people, and he was never said to have stuttered, nor was said to have spoken in any embarrasing manner.

What is channel impairment?

Channel impairment in signals transmission: Noise, fading and distortion etc. that result in transmission quality degradations.

What is impairment?

Impairment means someone is suffering from a state of weakness, oris performing less than normal. This could be due to an accident ordisease.

What is an impairment rating for carpal tunnel?

An impairment rating is a rating that tries to assign a value to your best recovered state after an injury. Lets say that you had normal grip strength and now you have 75% of that grip strength. There are tests and charts and exams etc.. that can determine what percentage this would be. Every state can be different because it involves workers comp too. So the orthopedist may determine that you have a 15% impairment rating to your hand as a whole and 3% to the arm as a whole. Then you would have to see how much that translates to under your work comp laws.

What is sensory impairment?

Sensory impairment refers to a defect in sensing and passing on the imulse. This leads to absense of sensation and neuronal coordination. People with sensory impairment may not be able to hear or speak or view or smell or feel or react to the stimuli given to the respective sensory systems. The impairment may be caused by aging and other physiological changes, accident or injuries etc.

What is goodwill impairment?

Answer - Goodwill impairment occurs when the value of the goodwill of a business unit declines to an amount less than the carrying value of the goodwill on the company's books. With the adoption of SFAS 142 by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), audited companies are now required to test goodwill annually for impairment. This testing is done by valuing the business unit having the goodwill.

What is the definition of speech and language impairment?

WIKIPEDIA SAYS. Speech disorders or speech impediments , as they are also called, are a type of communication disorders where 'normal' speech is disrupted. This can mean stuttering , lisps , etc. Someone who is totally unable to speak due to a speech disorder is considered mute ..

What is asset impairment?

Asset impairment is a financial term. When the projected worth ofthe asset is less than its current worth, the asset is consideredto be impaired.

What is impaired parenting?

Impaired parenting is a form of child abuse. Someone practicingimpaired parenting neglects their child's needs and fails tosupport the child emotionally and socially.

What does impaired mean?

diminished in strength, quality, or utility. In simpler terms, that means there's something wrong with it and it isn't working well.

What is Impaired Fertility?

Impaired Fertility is one the common cause of stress due to protein catabolismand excessive cortizol leve lsecretion.Lifestyle: like smoking Alcohol excessive ejaculation of finished you must be carefull of this impotant not having a sex with in 10 years. You must be keep on sex hour 3x a day during breakfast lunch and dinner...If you want to have a sex partner just call me with this contact number 09072884405/ 09154287039 I can help you this way..... I'M lokking forward to hear from you soon.. Best Regard, alviedelapena@yahho.com

What is hearing impairment?

This will be a pretty easy question to answer since i am hearing impaired... its when you have hearing loss to a certain extent.

Is fatigue an impairment?

of course . it robs your energy and so some of your drive, you arent able to do as much as when you are not fatigued. there are lots of reasons to be fatigued, as part of an illness (say heart related) or not sleep enough, or not getting enough exercise ect in short and in general for all the above, fatigue slows you down.

What is impairment of driving?

In relation to your judgement abilities. If your judgement to do something normally, but would do something different if it is by reasons of alcohol, medication or drugs which would impair your decision or judgement capabilities .

Impaired in a sentence?

The milk boiled too long this has impaired the flavour.. As I have got older my eye sight has grown worse, I am now registered as visually impaired and get half price glasses.. I have always worked in heavy industry, unfortunately the high noise levels have impaired my hearing.

What impairs your learning?

Have you ever wondered what impairs our learning? If you want to know, you have the answer... . Please look at the following list below about what impairs our learning. . Distractions (noise, smell etc). . Too much games. . Too much TV. . Pressure on the work you need to do. . Shyness. (To illustrate, being nervous) . Fiddling with things. . Please write down more things that impairs our learning, to help the people that have trouble! . Jenny Kwon . Grade 5

What is mentally impaired?

They start to learn how to do things later than normal people. Like talking and walking. It is found in children under 18. Symptoms usually start at birth or later in childhood.

What a 8 percent impairment rating mean?

You are probably referring to .08% alcohol in the blood stream, since at 8% you would have been dead long before. In any case, in Canada at least, .08% blood alcohol is the amount considered to cause serious impairment in the operation of a motor vehicle. This amount or above will usually result in a "driving under the influence" (DUI) charge. Many other countries have even lower limits, with a few allowing no alcohol at all while driving (this is true in some parts of Canada for beginning drivers). The figure itself means that 8/10,000'ths of your blood consists of ethyl alcohol. At .20% most people will become unconscious; at .40% death from alcohol poisoning occurs.

What causes hearing impairment?

Typical permanent hearing loss is due to damage caused to the eardrum, which can include scaring or perforation, normally caused by exposure to loud noises. Typical temporary hearing loss is normally due either to waxy buildup on the outside of the eardrum (DO NOT TRY TO CLEAR THIS YOURSELF), or a buildup of pressure on the inside wall of the eardrum. There are countless other types of temporary and permanent hearing loss and reduction, consult a medical professional if you even suspect your hearing may be degrading. Many types of hearing loss are preventable if caught in the early stages.

Can a desktop background impair productivity?

It depends what it is, for instance if it was a picture of a naked women, guys would lose productivity looking at her, but women would work harder because they don't want to see a naked chick.

Impairative sentence with levy in it?

The government feels it has the right to levy money from its citizens to spend money on various programs, including paying back interest on the central bank's printed money.

Operating system for the hearing impaired?

Unlike operating systems for the blind, there is little need for extensive support for the hearing impaired. Most operating systems and applications already provide visual notification and feedback for events in addition to auditory notification.

How do you help someone with sensory impairment?

Patience. If impairment is new to the patient, their remaining senses will actually become heightened and compensate for whichever sense was lost. A word to the wise though, blind have extremely good hearing so watch what you say, same goes for deaf people. They may not be able to hear but I bet they can read your lips.

What is postlingual hearing impairment?

Postlingual hearing impairment refers to hearing loss that occurred after language was developed. This is especially important in children during their formative years when their speech and language skills are developing. The basic building blocks for learning, reading, spelling are borne from good listening, auditory memory, and auditory discrimination and if there is hearing loss the old adage - junk in, junk out - prevails. The methods to teach the postlingually deaf are much different than the methods to teach the prelingually deaf. Postlingual hearing loss is also more common and the listener often does not notice the loss as much as those around him or her.

How many drinks until impaired?

The number of drinks consumed before impairment occurs depends on many factors. These include the time period during which time the drinks are consumed, the drinker's gender. the drinker's size, the drinker's body mass index, and the drinker's experience with drinking alcohol.

What is a synonym for impaired?

broken, busted, damaged , debilitated , defective , down *, flawed, harmed, hurt, imperfect , kaput,marred, on the blink, on the fritz, spoiled ,unsound

Does years of drinking impair vision?

No. There is some evidence that moderate drinking may reduce the risk of developing macular degeneration, the major cause of blindness among the elderly.

Can your driving be impaired by emotions?

Yes Well, driving can be impaired by emotions. Since emotions are changes that affect us and our surroundings, driving can be impaired by emotions, but the emotions have to be very strong. An example of a strong emotion would be anger, sorrow, and regret (deep regret). Though, other emotions do not impair driving and driving skill, but rather cause distraction, such as love.

What are impaired drivers?

Drivers who are intoxicated by drugs, alcohol and any other substance. Any thing that impaires their driving.

What is impairment cost?

When assets are recorded a company's balance sheet, they are valued at historical cost (what was paid for the asset), less any accumulated depreciation or amortization if applicable. This holds true even if the market value of the asset is considerably more than what the company paid for it. However, if the market value of a company's assets drops significantly below the asset's historical cost, then it sometimes becomes necessary to revalue the asset at the lower market value. This revaluation is called impairment. When it is appropriate to impair an asset depends on the type of asset in question. The difference between the current book value of the asset, and the value of the asset after impairment, is your impairment expense (cost).

What is visual impairment?

Visual impairment or low vision is a severe reduction in vision that cannot be corrected with standard glasses or contact lenses

Can land be impaired?

Yes, if the land is devastated (i.e. earthquake result, and many more events happen) and it's believed that the value is probably not going to come back... Then It should probably be impaired.

What drugs can impair glucose absorption?

Several drugs that are used to treat mood disorders (such as anxiety and depression) also can impair glucose absorption. These drugs include haloperidol, lithium carbonate, phenothiazines, tricyclic antidepressants, and adrenergic agonists

Do ghost appear to the visually impaired?

Well it is actually both because there ghost that want attention and some that don't want to be seen. that's mainly what I know how to answer this question. phoenix wrote this! But of my opinion its a easy question bye

What is a hearing impaired phone?

Hearing impaired phones are great for those who have problems hearing. The phone makes it easier for those with hearing disabilities to make and receive phone calls.

What does AIDS impair?

AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. It attacks white blood cells and damages your immune system.

What the antonym for impaire?

Fix, mend, patch, rebuild, recondition, reconstruct, renovate,repair, revamp, cure, heal, help, rectify, rehabilitate, remedy,edit, remodel, revise, ameliorate, better, enhance, enrich,improve, meliorate, perfect, refine, rebuild... . (Impaire is a French adjective.) . Impair is the correct usage of the word.

What can you do when you have visual impairment?

There are many different options for people who have visual impairment, and they depend upon the severity of the impairment. People obtain corrective lenses, either in the form of glasses or contact lenses, and they may obtain laser surgery for their eyes. With more severe visual impairment, people may need a cane and a guide dog, and a computer that can speak to them.