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Biker leather is in reference to the leather out clothing worn by riders. Jackets, chaps, gloves, boots. Used for protection from the elements as well protection from the asphalt during crashes.
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What is leather?

Leather is the tanned hide/skin of any animal. The skins are removed and put through a highly complex chemical process that turns the skin into a non perishable product - leat

Who are the hairy bikers?

David Myers and Simon 'Si' King are The Hairy Bikers. The pair aretelevision presenters in England. They have been active in theindustry since 2004.

Who are the nomad bikers?

A Nomad in an outlaw motorcycle club has authority delegated by the National President to enforce club rules and behavior. Most club members wear a territorial rocker (i.e.,

Who is the bmx biker?

the answer to this question is up to you. my favorite rider is mike aitken but your favorite rider is up to you

Where do get leather?

You can purchase it from leather supply stores or order it online.

What is bikers Knuckle?

Bikers Knuckle Its official name is 'unus domus' Bikers Knuckle is a skin condition that is most often caused from excessive griping of a bike handle bars. it can cause ir
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Why does bikers have jackets?

I think leather jackets protect the bikersfrom accidents because leather jackets have heavy padding on elbow . And Leather jackets are the first choice of biker.Recently I ord
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What do Bikers do?

The bikers always hang out at big momma's cuz it is their hang outspot but its also the surfers hang out spot so they both want theother group gone so they can have it to them
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What is the best way to clean a leather biker jacket?

The best way to clean a leather jacket is with lots of caution. Leather jackets are unique clothing items and very expensive, so cleaning them properly is important. Read the