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What is carta engorius?

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500 year old spiritual astrological society
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Is the carta engorius spiritual astrological society a part of the illuminati?

No. They are a mail scam company. The PostMaster General in Bufalo New York has been made aware of this group's illegal fraud practices. They send out letters demanding paymen (MORE)

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Is the Carta Engorius Society request for payment a scam?

Yes, carta engorius is a SCAM. Nobody paid them $350 to contact  you. You were on a mailing list that they hit. If you respond, they  will send you 3 envelopes..the first ha (MORE)

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What was the cartae baronum?

The Cartae Baronum was a survery conducted by King Henry II of England in 1166. It required of all vassals to the king to submit (1) how many knights they had made vassal at t (MORE)

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The Magna Carta?

The Magna Cart was created in England in 1215. This document  represented the first time a written set of rules was dictated to a  King of England by the subjects of the cou (MORE)

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Where was the magna carta kept?

Original copies of the Magna Carta are kept at the British Library,  Lincoln, and Salisbury â?? all in the UK. Other copies can be found  at Durham, Hereford, and Oxford.

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What was the emagna carta?

Magna Carta is an English charter, originally issued in the year 1215 and reissued later in the 13th century in modified versions, which included the most direct challenges to (MORE)