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When pipes are inserted into the cliff where rain settles more often in order to prevent more erosion and weathering occurring.
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What is a drainage net?

A drainage net consists of all of the rivers that flow through a reigon.

What is inland drainage?

When a river begins from a mountain, hill or a lake and drains in an inland lake instead of a sea or an ocean, its called inland drainage.

What is drainage basin?

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What is a drainage area?

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What is drainage density?

For Geomorphological Study: Drainage density (Dd) expresses total stream length per unit drainage area. It depends on climate (mainly rainfall), geology, vegetation cover, e

What is beach drainage?

It is when a drain is installed under a beach. it takes all the water from under the sand and either pumps it to a pump station, which takes the water back to the sea, or just

What is natural drainage?

Natural drainage is when the environment is transformed to form a river, which then takes any excess water to the sea which is where the water is drained to, making 'Natural D

What are drainage patterns?

the term natural drainage means the natural run off of water from an area in rivers and streams . Drainage pattern, drainage system and network of rivers are terms use dto des

What is a drainage system?

  A drainage system receives the discharge from storm, waste and soil lines and disposes it into a place less objectionable based on either square feet or fixture units w
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What is drainage and retention?

Retention is a controlled flow where the system is not over loaded during a heavy rain storm. The storm water is allowed to accumulate to a safe level (bearing weight) and s