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I don't know if everyone calls it such, but decoction is brewed coffee- that is usually then mixed with milk and sugar and relished. Aaahhh !

To make decoction

Roasted, ground coffee beans are finely ground (Way beyond the Turkish setting. I usually get them ground at the Turkish setting and then run them through a coffee grinder at home to grind them until they cry 'uncle').

A 'desi'/Indian filter is usually used to make decoction. This is a two compartment utensil - the top part has minute holes in them. Finely ground coffee is measured (per individual taste) is added to this compartment and then, boiling hot water is poured.

This results in the magic to begin working - water infuses with coffee powder to produce the brown liquid gold.

The bottom part of the utensil is the collector.

It's likely that only South Indians call the brown liquid decoction. But I am not sure.
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