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What is cookie monster's real name?

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Why did they change the cookie monster's name?

because they thought it was too unhealthy for American kids (toddlers) to think that cookies is a everything snack, And the veggie monster is more healthy. My opinion is they

What is Cookie Monster's first name?

In 2006, in addition to revealing that cookies are only a 'sometimes snack' and that he prefers fruits and vegetables, he said that before eating his first cookie, his name wa

Who are cookie monster's relatives?

His relatives include his great-grandfather the Wheel-Stealer, Arnold the Munchos Monster, his mom, his dad his sister(who I think is also his cousin) and Trekkie Monster

What is cookie monster's cookie limit?

Considering the ratio of the amount of cookie that he swallows tothe amount of cookie that flies all over the place while he'schewing, I imagine that he could keep doing that