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What is eileen Collins sibling's names?

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Her brother was Clark Collins, and she had to sisters who were named Amanda Collins, and Emily Collins
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What planet did Eileen Collins go to?

The only planet Eileen Collins has been to is Earth. She was the commander of the Return to Flight shuttle mission which went only to the International Space Station in low ea

Who was Lt Col Eileen Collins?

Collins became an astronaut in July 1991. Collins has logged over 537 hours in space. She served as pilot on STS-63 (February 3-11, 1995) Collins was the first woman pilot of

What did eileen Collins do in 1995?

Collins was selected to be an astronaut in 1992 and first flew the  Space Shuttle   as pilot in 1995 aboard STS-63, which involved a rendezvous between  Discovery