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The list of items that can be claimed on your taxes as deductions is quite extensive absolutely situational, requires documentation and has many limits and thresholds. It may include (but is not limited to): computer and office equipment (if it is used for a business undertaken for profit), whereas hobby expenses are never deductible (and if your business is considered a hobby - then even it's expenses aren't deductible). Some legal fees and invesment expenses, the rental cost for deposit boxes, gambling losses are allowed against gambling winnings, and some travel expenses for qualified business purposes or charity. The most common are medical and dental expenses (which have a threshold you must reach and commonly aren't avail to many), property taxes, mortgage interest on a primary residence and charitable donations within limits to qualified charities only. You are allowed a "standard" deduction which is the better choice if you're qualified and documented "itemized" (meaning specific) deductions add up to less than the automatic amount....which is very common. It is always a good idea to consult with an accountant or a tax consultant to determine the best way to file in order to maximize deductions. However, the common PC and on line programs available for $20-$30, (and even on line for free), will lead you through a question and answer routine that explains itself and what is needed and does an excellent job of making a beneficial return. The first time or two it may take you several hours or more...but as you learn what is asked for and needed, you get better at knowing what to keep and look for through the year...and what things actually mean to YOUR tax situation.
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Do you claim rent on income taxes?

Residential rent is not deductible. You can deduct any rent used for business purposes such as office rental, equipment rental, vehicle rental, etc.

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Most likely not. The instruction booklet for filling out your tax forms goes into considerable detail about what criteria have to be met in order to claim someone as a depend

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Who can you claim on taxes?

You can often times deduct the cost of hiring a tax professional to do your taxes in the following year. Given the generic nature of your question, I'd strongly suggest doing

Do I claim my SSI on my income tax?

Supplemental security income (SSI) is different from Social Security benefits and is not reported on federal tax returns. See Sources and related links for more information.

Can your parents claim you for taxes and you claim yourself?

In the US, when another taxpayer is entitled to claim you as a dependent on their income tax return, you cannot take an exemption for yourself even if the other taxpayer does

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Typically, the recipient of a claim payment is not required to report it as income. If the company is paying you for damages or injuries most likely it is not taxable. If you

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Yes, you can claim state and local sales taxes on your return. But in order to do so you must itemize deductions and you must not claim state and local income taxes. You're al

Can you claim back taxes on a bankruptcy?

Claiming Back Taxes in Bankruptcy Only if they are more than three years old and meet specific requirements More specifically, yes, taxes may be discharged in bankruptcy and

Can you claim your tax back?

You can file an income tax return and if you have overpaid tax for the year then yes you will get the overpaid amount back.

Can a 401k be claimed on taxes?

Generally withholdings for 401k's are tax deductible, and is  already calculated on your W-2. Depending on your income level, you  may receive a nonrefundable saver's credit

Do you claim workerscomp for income taxes?

Amounts you receive as workers' compensation for an occupational sickness or injury are fully exempt from tax if they are paid under a workers' compensation act or a statute i

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How can you find out if someone claim you on their taxes?

You cannot find out anything to do with another person's tax return due to the privacy laws.  If you file your own tax return and claim yourself and then another person also


Land taxes are property tax and not income tax. This is taxed on a State or County level or a combination of the two. For this reason, the taxes are processed on a completely