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Chlorine in water may be present in two forms, free and combined. Free chlorine does the hard work of killing bacteria and oxidizing contaminants. When you add chlorine to water, you are actually adding free chlorine. When the free chlorine combines with contaminants, it becomes combined chlorine, or chloramines. In water, this form of chlorine has very little sanitizing ability, and no oxidizing ability. Total chlorine is just the sum of both combined chlorine and free chlorine.
Which measurement you use, free or total, depends on your testing needs.
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What is free chlorine?

Free Chlorine is the Chlorine which is free to do its work in the pool, as opposed to Combined Chlorine which is chlorine that has combined with contaminants and is tied up an

Can a free chlorine reading be higher than a total chlorine reading?

Technically no. Your total chlorine reading would include all forms of chlorine, which we tend to lump into to basic categories, Free and combined. If you get readings that sh

What is the difference between total residual chlorine and free chlorine?

  Basically total clorine in a pool is the total clorine that is in the pool (even the part that has been used to oxidize various contaminants). Free clorine is the total

When do you chlorinate?

  Drinking water is chlorinated to avert the risk of harmful micro organisms causing ilness in the public through drinking water. It is also used to keep swimming pools sa

What is the difference from total chlorine and chlorine residual?

Free or residual chlorine is chlorine that is present in the form of hypochlorous acid, hypochlorite ions or as dissolved elemental chlorine.   Bound chlorine is that fract

How do you get high free chlorine to match total chlorine?

Total Chlorine = Free Chlorine + Combined Chlorine or, put another way Total Chlorine - Free Chlorine = Combined Chlorine Free Chlorine is the chlorine that is doing its job.

What can chlorine do?

Chlorine can make your pools be better because if you put chlorine in a pool it will make any diseases that people have not be able to be passed aroundin the water. Or if you

How do you get chlorine?

MESSAGE BEGINNING . ENTRY: CHLORINE . REQUESTED: CHEMICAL SYNTHESIS . a) Reaction of hypochlorite and hydrochloric acid: OCl-+2HCl --> Cl-+H2O+Cl2 b) Electrolysis

What is the difference between free chlorine and free residual chlorine?

chlorine present in free or bound form, or in both forms. In water treatment, free/residual chlorine is the amount of chlorine that is still available to do its job of disinf

What do you do when your total chlorine is high and your free chlorine is low?

Total Chlorine = Free Chlorine + Combined Chlorine or, put another way Total Chlorine - Free Chlorine = Combined Chlorine Free Chlorine is the chlorine that is doing its job.

What is chlorine in?

Chlorine is in Household Bleach as Sodium Hypochlorite or Hypochlorous and if you put it in a conical flask with ammonium chloride and bleack mixed up with vinegar all mixed u

What does it mean when your free chlorine is higher than total chlorine?

when you first add chlorine to water it reacts with the ammonia, already present in the water. This reaction forms Chloramines. The chloramines then attack any demand in the w