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What is full retirement age for social security if born in 1950?

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How much can you earn before Social Security payments are reduced when you are working before full retirement age?

For 2016, the limit is $15,720. (The amount goes up each year.)   These things don't count towards the limit:    Pensions   Annuities   Investment Income 

What is your full retirement age if born in 1944?

  1/2/1938_1/1/1939......................... 65 years and 2 months. 1/2/1939_1/1/1940......................... 65 years and 4 months. 1/2/1940_1/1/1941................

When is full retirement age when born in 1962?

When retirement age is reached a human being usually halts working  in full time paid employment. Full retirement age in the US if you  are born in 1962 is 67 years old.

If I retire at age 62 and collect Social Security can I still earn money?

Yes. If you retire at age 62, you can earn $1,180 per month ($14,160 per year) in wages and an unlimited amount of income from passive sources, like 401k, annuities, dividends

Will your pension check reduce your Social Security benefits before full retirement age?

No. Only earned income is counted toward the $14,160 annual cap and still allow you to receive full benefits between the ages of 62 and the year in which you achieve the full

Is it financially smarter to collect social security at 62 or wait until full retirement?

This is a personal decision and would depend on your financial situation and other factors that you may want to consider. To get the larger monthly benefits and if you are c

When is full retirement age when born in 1972?

Your full retirement age is 67. You can start collecting benefits  at age 62, but you will receive only 70% of your full retirement  amount. The longer you wait, the more yo