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Garment dyeing is applying dye to a finished garment rather than making the garment from predyed yarn or fabric.

The production benefits of doing this are that garments can be made in ecru (undyed form) and sent to be dyed to any colour to suit sales/fashion requirements. For instance if for example the colour navy stops selling but green sales increase, no problem just dye according to the colour trend with the shortest lead time.

The problem with the predyed yarn/fabric production route is that having ordered and made too many navy garments which are not selling you then have to source green fabric or yarn to make extra green garments this gives a much longer lead time (by the time you have your green garments ready for the shops the latest trend has become red!).

There is enormous potential for sourcing cheaper garment manufacturing abroad in ready to dye form and stocking this close to the actual market ready for a quick response to market colour demands.
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