What is horizontal hostility?

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When individuals direct the resentment and anger they have about their situation onto those who are of equal or lesser status.
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What is horizontal?

Horizontal means "flat" or "having no slope" or "with a slope of zero" or the like. It's just what you think it is. It has "across" to it, but no "up" or "down" aspect. A horizontal line is one that follows the horizon, or is "straight across" from one side to the other. The "no slope" or "zero slop (MORE)

What is hostile takeover?

A takeover which goes against the wishes of the target company's management and board of directors.

What constitutes a hostile work environment?

Severe or pervasive misconduct when the cause of the misconduct is race, sex, age, religion or disability. When it cannot be traced to a Title VII cause, it is not illegal harassment. No one should have to perform their job in a hostile workenvironment. A hostile work environment refers to a place (MORE)

How can traditional hostilities affect business?

Traditional hostilities affect business by affecting the flow and availability of natural resources, affecting the stability of the local economy, and affecting the ability of any company to establish a presence, let alone making a profit.

What is hostile Senate?

A hostile senate is one in which the Opposition holds the power, thus making it difficult for the Government's bills and legislation to be passed. Kevin Rudd's Labor Party faces this situation until July 2008, when the new senate determined at the last election sits.

Hostile debtors agreement?

A hostile debtor's agreement is an agreement between two partiesthat allows for a repossession to take place. This could be therepossession of an automobile or it could also be a foreclosure.Either way, the parties involved have to go to court to solveissues.

What is the opposite of 'hostile'?

Hostile is a Latinate word meaning "like an enemy," and so its most precise opposite is the Latinate word amicable, meaning "like a friend." But "friendly" will do. Friendly. I'd say friendly or docile

How does a hostile takeover work?

A hostile takeover of a business happens when one person or anotherbusiness buys up over 50% of the stock a company has to sell.Hostile takeovers sometimes happen when a business is financiallyin trouble and will not sell the business to someone else.

What is a hostile witness?

It's a technical term ... but it means a witness who is not on your side. i.e. a friend of the defendant, called by the prosecution.

Temporary agreement to stop hostilities?

peace treaty? == A peace treaty is a document that finally ends a war. It is not meant to be a temporary agreement (although it sometimes happens that way). You might be thinking of a ceasefire, or an armistice.

What are the risks of Vulnerability to hostile attack?

Every business can be vulnerable to hackers or other types of cyber crime. There is a problem called 'key logger' and it is a virus that can be placed on unprotected computer, which copies and transmits the user's keystrokes including log-in detail and their bank account. When the website of the bus (MORE)

What is a sentence for hostile?

1.On the playground, there are many hostile students who bully others around. 2.The drunk became hostile so the police handcuffed him. 3. The boy's hostile attitude made him a natural bully.

What is Chronic hostility?

The response to emotional pressure suffered for a prolonged period over which an individual perceives he or she has no control.

Hostile in a sentence?

1.On the playground, there are many hostile students who bully others around. 2.The drunk became hostile so the police handcuffed him. 3. The boy's hostile attitude made him a natural bully. 4.Pakistan is hostile towards america

Why were merchants in Mecca hostile to Muhammad?

Merchants in Mecca were worried that if the people of Mecca believed that there was only one god (Allah), that they would destroy the 'pagan' idols that attracted so many visitors (essentially, tourists). The merchants made the majority of their money off of the travelers that came to see the idols, (MORE)

Why were merchants in mecca were hostile to Muhammad?

Merchants in Mecca objected to Mohammed on several grounds. Preserving Religious Plurality: Meccan Merchantsopposed Mohammed because the religious plurality permitted in Meccawas critical for maintaining Mecca's important position along theArabian trade routes. It was on account of the fact that (MORE)

Are aliens hostile?

There is no such thing as aliens on, or anywhere near Earth. They are fun to think about, but they just do not exist in our part of outer space.

How do you use the word hostility?

When discussing a hostile environment. Such as a group of people, and someone is there that the people do not like. It is used when there is tension, or when there is not a welcoming feeling Example: The mouse sensed hostility in the presence of the cat Exapmle: If my mom and I got in a fight, we wo (MORE)

How do you use hostility in a sentence?

Hostility is a noun for "angry feelings or angry reaction towards someone". Gertrude was surprised by John's hostility. Too much hostility among the staff made it difficult to give good customer service. The boss showed his hostility toward the workers frequently and without reason. Th (MORE)

What rhymes with hostile?

... hostile •tactile • pantile•erectile, insectile, projectile•gentile, percentile•reptile•sextile, textile•hairstyle • freestyle • fictile • epistyle•peristyle • acetyl • lifestyle • hostile•homestyle•butyl, futile, rut (MORE)

What rhymes with hostility?

motility, hostilely, fissility, tactility, mobility, docility, futility, humility, totality, festivity, volatility, bestiality, utility, hospitality, posterity, positivity, nobility, mortality, fertility, hastily, gentility, rusticity, ductility, vorticity, natality, vitality, risibility, viability, (MORE)

Why were Germany and Russia hostile to Poland?

Russia and Germany were not hostile, in fact. They simply wanted the lands which Poland controlled, and the only way to gain them was by force (since no ruler in any sort of mind hands over an entire state).

What is a hostile amendment?

A hostile amendment is an amendment to a motion that changes or defeats the purpose or direction of the motion. For example: A motion that is moved and seconded reads, "we condemn the President's actions on July 4th." A hostile amendment would be to strike condemn and replace with endorse. The a (MORE)

Examples of hostile aggression?

Hostile aggression refers to an act of aggression stemming from feelings of anger and aimed at inflicting pain. An example of this can be yelling at one's child just to make them feel bad, or hurting them intentionally by blackmail, or calling names, etc.

How is hostility personified?

It would be giving hostility human qualities. Example: He could feel his hostility building. It was raging to get out,tearing at his skin from the inside. It was everything he could doto keep it from bursting forth. In a political sense, hostility towards a government policy, as anexample, could co (MORE)

What is a horizontal?

A horizontal position is like a ruler laying flat on a table like the example: ____________________ as apposed to A vertical line like the example: l l l l l l a ruler is going up and down.

What is a hostile militant?

im not 100% accrate and wont give you a real wikipedia style answor. Im only 13 and im working on my gcse in English im learning the same things in poetry. A hostile militant is somebody who uses forceful takting in military roles. hope that explains it a little but the word is quite ambiguous l (MORE)

Why can bateria live in hostile environments?

Organisms that live in the Archaea Domain can live in hostile environments that others cannot. They live in areas such as sulfurous hot springs, deep-sea thermal vents, salty lakes, wastewater from mining, and in the intestines of animals.

Can you evict a tenant for hostile behavior?

Hostile behavior is not self explanatory and it may be a matter of opinion. It depends on what the tenant is doing and how he/she expresses hostility and the provisions in your lease agreement. You should call your local landlord-tenant agency and speak with a caseworker.

What is cynical hostility?

Is best describe as a lack of confidence in, or bitterness with, other people, subjects with this trait may be incapable of expressing adequate anger, and may have poor lifestyle. High levels of stress and depression are found in this individuals which puts them at a higher risk of coronary heart di (MORE)

What other words mean hostilities?

Synonyms of the word hostilities: antagonism, meanness, abhorrence, aggression, animosity, animus, antipathy, aversion, , bitterness, detestation, disaffection, enmity, estrangement, hatred, ill will, malevolence, malice, opposition, rancor, resentment, spite, unfriendliness, war, warpath

What is verbal hostility?

Verbal hostility, or in other words, verbal harassment or abuse is basically a negative defining statement told to or about you or withholding a response and pretending the abuse is not happening. Verbal abuse (or hostility) can lead to emotional abuse and hostility in the workplace. This can lead t (MORE)

How do stocks and hostile takeovers work?

Stock and hostile takeovers? Stocks are nothing more than a very small piece of the pie (part ownership in the company) Hostile take overs is more or less when company A buys out company B (when company B wants to be left alone). "Buying out" or "taking over" a company that does not want to be bou (MORE)

Who is hostile to the Czech Republic?

Right now the Czech Republic doesn't have any enemies, but sincethe Velvet Revolution that got rid of communist soviet-friendlygovernment, relations with Russia were getting worse and worse. Thefact that the Czech Republic joined NATO and is close ally of USdidn't help.

Are crabs hostil?

Crabs are known for being aggressive and will fight over females orover a hiding hole. Sometimes they can effectively warn others witha display, for example raising or waving a claw.

Which gospel is most hostile to Judaism?

A: New Testament scholars have noted that early Christian literature became increasingly hostile to the Jews as time progressed. Mark's Gospel, written around 70 CE, condemned the scribes and Pharisees but was conciliatory towards the ordinary Jews. Matthew's Gospel came next, written during th (MORE)

Why is Israel always threatened with hostility?

From the Arab perspective, Israel is a modern colony in the Middle East that became as powerful as it did through land-grabs and violence. As a result, Arabs see the only way of dealing with Israel through violent means.

How do you tackle a hostile friend?

From behind right at the knees. I question the term friend. A friend you can talk to and they should be willing to talk back. If this is just an associate that you have contact with you can ask them to talk with you to find out what the issue is or you can just ignore them and get on with your life. (MORE)

Which what is horizontal?

A table top is horizontal, otherwise, the plates would slide off. Any surface, drawn line, or object, classed as being level is also horizontal.

Why were Meccans hostile toward Muhammad?

The Makkans had grown rich and wealthy upon the ideas of paganism and numerous gods. Every year pilgrims would come to the Ka'abah to pay homage to their gods, expensive gifts were also given to the keepers of the Kaabah, the Makkans. Through this, the path was made a trade route, which benefited ma (MORE)

Are bluegills hostile to humans?

No they are not but they may try to chase you away from theirnesting area. Bluegills have no teeth, so they cannot break skin ifthey swim at you with their mouth open.