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What is horizontal hostility?

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When individuals direct the resentment and anger they have about their situation onto those who are of equal or lesser status.
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Is hostility an abstract noun?

Yes hostility is a abstract noun

How is hostility personified?

It would be giving hostility human qualities. Example:    He could feel his hostility building. It was raging to get out,  tearing at his skin from the inside. It was

What is a sentence for hostile?

1.On the playground, there are many hostile students who bully others around. 2.The drunk became hostile so the police handcuffed him. 3. The boy's hostile attitude made hi

How to describe hostile aggression?

  when he beats you up....

What is horizontal?

Horizontal means "flat" or "having no slope" or "with a slope of zero" or the like. It's just what you think it is. It has "across" to it, but no "up" or "down" aspect. A hori

What are the risks of Vulnerability to hostile attack?

Every business can be vulnerable to hackers or other types of cyber crime. There is a problem called 'key logger' and it is a virus that can be placed on unprotected computer,

How do you use hostility in a sentence?

Hostility is a noun for "angry feelings or angry reaction towards someone". Gertrude was surprised by John's hostility. Too much hostility among the staff made it difficul

What the absence of war or other hostilities?

The phrase used for the absence of war or hostilities is, itself, peace. Peace is a goal that many strive for.Ê

What constitutes a hostile work environment?

Severe or pervasive misconduct when the cause of the misconduct is race, sex, age, religion or disability. When it cannot be traced to a Title VII cause, it is not illegal ha

Why were merchants in Mecca hostile to Muhammad?

Merchants in Mecca were worried that if the people of Mecca believed that there was only one god (Allah), that they would destroy the 'pagan' idols that attracted so many visi

Hostile debtors agreement?

A hostile debtor's agreement is an agreement between two parties  that allows for a repossession to take place. This could be the  repossession of an automobile or it could