What is in instant cold packs?

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Ammonium Nitrate and water.
Urea + plus a Non-Toxic Cooling Additive and Water providing a safer alternative to the dangerous Ammonium Nitrate

*Ammonium Nitrate is highly dangerous and used as an oxidizing agent in explosives.
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What is the liquid in an instant cold pack?

Ammonium nitrate crystals and water. When you pop the water pack, the two undergo an endothermic reaction, forming ammonium and nitrate ions (NH 4 + & NO 3 - ). Water break

Who invented instant cold packs?

The first of the instant cold packs was a liquid-type invented by Albert A. Robbins and patented August 11, 1959. Robbins' "Chemical Freezing Package" involved and outer pouch

How do you use instant cold packs?

There's an ampule inside them. Bend until you can hear the ampule break, then shake them to start the chemical indothermic reaction.

Instant cold packs can be reused?

Instant cold packs cannot be reused once they are activated. Thechemical makeup inside the package was created for one time use.

What makes an instant cold pack cool?

Sudden crystallization of a supersaturated solution. This is a physical phase change, not a chemical change.