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Ammonium Nitrate and water.
Urea + plus a Non-Toxic Cooling Additive and Water providing a safer alternative to the dangerous Ammonium Nitrate

*Ammonium Nitrate is highly dangerous and used as an oxidizing agent in explosives.
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What are cold packs?

Cold packs are a category of therapeutic applications that are used deliver a comfortable and prolonged exposure to cold to a specific and isolated area of the body when in pa

How can you safely dispose of the ammonium nitrate solution in a used instant cold pack?

Do not pour down a drain. You can mix it with a gallon of water and  distribute as fertilizer for plants. An alternative is to take it  to a hazardous waste facility.

Who invented instant cold packs?

The first of the instant cold packs was a liquid-type invented by Albert A. Robbins and patented August 11, 1959. Robbins' "Chemical Freezing Package" involved and outer pouch

Instant cold packs can be reused?

Instant cold packs cannot be reused once they are activated. The  chemical makeup inside the package was created for one time use.

Can you carry instant ice packs on airplanes in carry on?

Generally they are not allowed, however some airlines will allow you to take them with you when you need them to cool some sort of food (like grapes for instance). Don't count

Do first aid instant cold packs expire?

Technically no they don't. However the chemicals can break down and the packaging can deteriorate. I would replace them every couple of years.

Can cold packs be reused?

Yes, ice packs can be reused. If the ice pack has touched a skin infection, I would recommend washing it. Then just put it pack in the freezer and it is good as new.

How do cold packs work?

Instant hot and cold packs are used by athletes to quickly and conveniently treat an injury. They last for about 20 minutes. The packs take advantage of chemicals that either

What is the liquid in an instant cold pack?

Ammonium nitrate crystals and water. When you pop the water pack, the two undergo an endothermic reaction, forming ammonium and nitrate ions (NH4+ & NO3-). Water breaks the tw

What is in instant heat packs?

Instant heat packs contain a supersaturated solution of sodium acetate that heats up when the crystallization process is started by flexing a metal disc embedded in the liquid

How cold is a cold pack?

An ice pack or gel pack is a plastic sac of ice, refrigerant gel or liquid, or, in an emergency, even frozen vegetables. The refrigerant, usually non-toxic, can absorb a consi