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Ingredients and formula for super fast ,all temp, racing ski wax:(1) 5 lbs of paraffin wax(preferably 150degree or higher melt temp 160 is optimal)
(2) 1/2 lb of paraflint wax hardener (3) a bar of Ivory soap (4) a regular size tube of Crest high fluoride toothpaste (5)a heaping tablespoon of spruce gum(resin from a spruce tree) The paraffin and paraflint hardener can be easily and cheaply obtained from most candle supply companies.The soap and toothpaste should be easy enough.The spruce gum can be obtained from any specie of spruce tree.It exudes from wounds in the bark or broken branches.Make sure it is soft and clean,free from any dirt or bark. In addition to these ingredients you will also need: Another person to help,an outdoor cookstove or grill,a freezer,a large and small cooking pot,stove mitts,a butterknife,a cheesegrater,a blender,a clock or watch,a bowl, a few pie tins or tin bread molds to pour the liquid wax into,and a large very fine mesh strainer(found in Walmart in the cooking utensils aisle). CAUTION:MELTING WAX CAN BE VERY DANGEROUS.IT IS ADVISABLE TO HAVE SOMEONE ELSE PRESENT WHEN MAKING THIS WAX.MELT IT OUTDOORS AWAY FROM BUILDINGS TO AVOID FIRE.KEEP CHILDREN AND ANIMALS AWAY Step1-Put the pie tins or tin bread molds in the freezer to get them cold. Step2-With the cheesegrater, fine grate the entire bar of soap into the bowl. Step3-With the butterknife thinly spread the spruce gum on one side of all the bars of paraffin.(To make this easier you may need to warm the gum near a gentle heat source) Step4-Pour the paraflint into the small cooking pot,put it on the burner and turn on the flame(low heat). Step5-Put a bar of paraffin in the big cooking pot(gum side up),put it on the burner and turn on the flame(high heat).When the bar melts put in another and when that melts another…until all are melted. Step6-As soon as all bars of wax are melted begin blending the wax and gum while pouring in the soap.Continue blending.(high speed) Step7-When the soap and wax are thoroughly blended, squeeze the entire tube of toothpaste into the mixture while blending and continue to blend until the toothpaste is thoroughly incorperated into the mixture.(Some insoluble particulates from the soap and toothpaste will have to be strained later before pouring into the molds) Step8-By now the paraflint hardener should be completely melted.If it is turn off the flame under the small pot of paraflint and pour it into the big pot of wax. Step9-Continue to blend the mixture for 2 minutes. Step10-Get the wax molds out of the freezer,turn off the flame of the big pot,put on the stove mitts and carefully pour the hot wax through the fine mesh strainer into the molds.(THIS IS VERY DANGEROUS. ALSO,DO NOT POUR THE WAX TO THE TOP OF THE MOLDS) Step 11-Carefully but quickly put the liquid wax in the freezer.(It is important that the wax cool quickly) Wait for it to harden in the mold. Step12-You now have a super fast,long lasting, all temp ski wax.Enjoy! I can't believe what a racket the ski wax industry is.
Being a recreational ski racer and skiing often I go through a lot of wax. I realized I just couldn't afford the expensive waxes and powders anymore so I decided to make my own. After much study and experimentation I finally got it.I can't believe it is so simple and cheap.
The addition of the hardener makes the wax fast in cold, dry conditions. Hard wax is also more resistant to dirt and doesn't wear off as fast.The spruce gum acts as a flexible bonding agent to the base of the ski and a bond and vehicle for the chemicals in the other ingredients.The soap also has some of these properties as well as being a surfactant and detergent to break the surface tension of the layer of water between snow and ski and repel dirt and grease.This is also chemically enhanced by the surfactant in the toothpaste.This makes the ski faster in all conditions and temperatures but is especially helpful in warm weather when snow gets wet and greasy. And the toothpaste? What a cheap way to get fluorinated ski wax! The turpines in the spruce gum and chemicals in the soap and toothpaste combine to chemically alter the fluoride in the toothpaste,bonding and completely suspending it as fluorinate throughout the ski wax during the heated mixing.This makes the wax so much faster. And there you have it- Over 5 lbs of durable,superfast,all temp and condition,fluorinated ski wax for less than $30. Note:I am not responsible for anything that may happen as a result of anyone reading the above.
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