What is indeterminate premium life insurance?

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Indeterminate premium life insurance is a type of whole life insurance that specifies two premium rates: a guaranteed maximum, and a lower rate you actually pay. The lower premium level is for a set period of time. Then the company establishes a new rate that may be higher or lower than the initial premium. But your premium can never be more than the guaranteed maximum.
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What is graded premium life insurance?

Graded Premium Life is actually Graded Premium Whole Life Insurance coverage under which the initial premiums are less than normal for the first few years of the policy, then

What is a single premium life insurance?

Single premium life insurance is life insurance coverage in which one premium payment is made and the life insurance policy is fully paid up with no additional life insurance

Are life insurance premiums taxable?

The money you pay in premiums is taxed. This is how they are able to give you a tax-free death benefit.

What is an annual premium for life insurance?

Single Premium Life Insurance policy is good for those who can paya lumpsum in a single stroke. Like conventional life insurancepolicies, this policy too provides a security u

How do you calculate premium in life insurance?

First, decide the amount of insurance that you need. Then you will find rates according if you are male or female. Rates can change according to your age, health habits, and i

What is a waiver of premium for life insurance plolicies?

Waiver of premium is an insurance rider that makes to where you stop paying your life insurance premiums if you were to become disabled. This typically lasts for as long as th

What is premium holiday in life insurance?

A "premium holiday" is a provision contained in some whole life insurance policies that permits the cessation of premium payments, usually in the event of economic hardship. P

Can you write off life insurance premiums?

Life Insurance is not tax deferred as someone mentioned erroneously here... Life insurance is a tax free benefit, so in general you cannot write it off on taxes.. And loans ar

What are the premiums for Gerber Life Insurance?

Gerber Life Insurance advertises that they have an affordable premium rate that never increases. You have to list your state, age, gender, and tobacco use to get a free quote

What is vanishing premium 's in life insurance?

"Vanishing premium" was a technique used some years aho by life insurance sales people to sell whole life insurance. That is the kind of life insurance that builds cash value

Is the premium on a life insurance paid monthly?

Life insurance premiums can be paid in any manner you like just about. Insurance companies generally have payment plans to accommodate any ones desires. Monthly, quarterly, se

What is the difference between life insurance premium and non life insurance premium?

An insurance premium is the amount of money paid on a periodicbasis for insurance of a given kind. The kind of insurance involveddoes not alter the definition of the term "pre

What is the premium term life insurance?

Term life insurance is an insurance one would buy if they are looking to insure themselves for a specific term such as 20 years. This is a relatively low cost and basic insura

What are life insurance premiums?

A life insurance premium is the amount of money that is paid, on a periodic basis, to an insurance compasny in return for insurance coverage on a person's life. Provided that

What are Life insurance premiums based on?

Life insurance premiums are based on mortality tables, which predict how long a person of any given age. sex and physical condition will live. These predictions are based on t