What is infant morbidity?

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infant affected with diseases
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What is psychiatric morbidity?

it simply means psychiatric illness, that mental illness Morbidity means the occurring or existence of a disease; more commonly used to describe two illnesses being comorbid s

Causes of infant morbidity?

Lack of prenatal care is a cause of infant morbidity. Other causesinclude poor nutrition, infectious diseases, and premature birth.

What is morbidity?

The term 'morbidity' has a few different senses or meanings: 1: the relative incidence of a particular disease; 2: an abnormally gloomy or unhealthy state of mind; 3: t

What are the top 10 leading causes of morbidity and mortality in infants in the Philippines in 2008?

I can't find the answer for the year 2007, but here's the statistics taken from DOH for the year 2003.... Mortality . 1. Heart Diseases. 2. Vascular System Diseases. 3.

What are the leading causes of infant morbidity and mortality by year 2007?

Ten leading causes of morbidity . Philippines, 2006 . 1. ALRI and Pneumonia 670,231 828.8. 2. Acute Watery Diarrhea 572,259 707.7. 3. Bronchitis/Bronchiolitis 538,990 689

What is morbid?

It pertains to disease, or a condition likely to cause disease, such as--> He is morbidly obese. Can also mean an unhealthy disposition in thinking, such as--> He has a morb

What is an infant?

Something you can throw and bang to take your anger out on.

Morbidity of pneumonia?

The morbidity of pneumonia is high in cold areas and low in the hotareas. Morbidity of pneumonia refers to the rate at which or anincidence at which a given disease affects a

Example of morbidity?

Morbidity is simply a a disease state or condition. Therefore diabetes would be a morbidity.

What are the top 10 leading causes of morbidity and mortality in infants in the Philippines in 2005?

The top ten infant mortality causes in 2005 are: bacterial sepsisof newborn, respiratory distress of newborn, pneumonia, disordersrelated to short gestation and low birth weig
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What are infants?

Infants are babies. Some definitions stipulate an age such as under a year or under 18 months in age.
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What they do if they infant?

An infant is a young child. What to do if you have an infant would be to care for them in the proper mannor. This would involve feeding, bathing, loving, nurturing, and helpin