What is is the difference between marron and brun?

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These two words have the same meaning. In most situations you would use marron to describe something brown.

Interestingly when you refer to hair color it get's tricky...
Brun means dark hair while you would use châtain (which actually is lighter brown) to describe brown hair.

So typical hair colors ranges from:
- Roux, red
- Blond, blonde
- Châtain Clair , light brown
- Châtain , brown
- Châtain fonce, darker brown
- Brun, dark
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Yes it is -- it means "brown." It also means "chestnut." The other word for brown, brun , is more common than marron , but you almost always use marron when you're talking

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Bruno or Castano may be Italian equivalents of 'marrone'. Both masculine adjectives mean 'brown', which is the meaning of 'marrone'. But 'castano' is used in terms of hair.

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