What is it like to be a TV game show contestant?

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  • Im sure its nerveracking. You enter a whole different world then your used to. Being on the other side of the TV(camera) can be intimidating. They have people that tell you what to say and what not to say, dress you up and change the way you look. Things are edited so you may or may not say something stupid, that is unless they want us to hear or see that. Im sure its fun at some point to win all the money and prizes.
  • I think it depends on the show, if you enter as a single person or it is a team game. Some shows like 'Deal or No Deal' seem to have a excellent Team Spirit as they stay with each other for quite a few days and all seem very relaxed. An old show like the BBC's It's A Knockout just looks great fun and they win no money !!
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What are the negative effects of TV game shows?

They tend to oversimplify complex topics- and use often confusing clues. Jeopardy for example. they have elements of gambling, which is morally wrong. some like the long defunct Name That Tune have elements of borderline vandalism - i was thinking of the tree- stripping skit, sickening. O for the ol (MORE)

What is the TV shows like in the past?

The economy wasn't that good so not everyone got cable. And the color is black and white. But the scriptwriters are very good so when they write comedy, it is really comedy.

How much does a player get on TV games shows?

It depends on the show. For instance, on Millionaire, if you answer any of the one first five questions incorrectly, the "TOTAL PRIZE MONEY" banner reads $0, but you will really get some kind of consolation prize. On Wheel of Fortune and JEOPARDY, the minimum consolation prize for third place is $1, (MORE)

Who likes Friends the TV show?

EVERYONE LOVES FRIENDS THE TV SHOW!!!!!!!!!! its the best ever its hilarious JOEY! ross rachel monica pheobe and chandler rock the hizouse!

Is the real NCIS like the TV show?

No. TV shows are highly dramatized to make them more interesting for the viewers. However, many of the cases that they have on NCIS may be based on real cases that have happened in the past with extra bits added. Yes, it is dramatized, but the TV show NCIS and the actual NCIS work very close togethe (MORE)

When was the first TV show on television?

The first television broadcasts were experimental, low resolution (30 line). The first "real" programme broadcast in 405 line resolution was by the BBC in 1936; broadcasting to around 100 viewers in the London area. It was a variety show starting with a song ("Here's looking at you"), which became t (MORE)

How money do game show contestants make?

a game show contestent usually enters they can win a certain amount of money like when who wants to be a millionaire was on t.v (or still is i don't watch much t.v but im pretty sure it got taken off) you could win up to 1 million dollars so t sort of depends if yopu tell me what game show you are t (MORE)

Tv game show hosts?

There has been many TV game show hosts over the years. A few of themost popular are Steve Harvey, Pat Sajak, and Alex Trebek.

Who likes iCarly the tv show?

Even though the show is intended for the 13-16 year range, it's enjoyed by many, many people of all ages. The humor, and the fact that they don't 'talk down' to kids are some of the things that make it appealing to lots of people. Dan Schneider, the creator of iCarly, always intended it to be a 'f (MORE)

Is the x games a tv show?

Hello, The X games is an event organized by ESPN. It concentrates on extreme sports like skiing, surfing, skating etc. It is not a TV show, although it is transmitted by television so you can watch them worldwide.

When was the first game show on tv?

Truth or Consequences and Uncle Jim's Question Bee both aired on July 1, 1941 on NBC. The first regularly-airing game show was CBS Television Quiz , which premiered July 2, 1941 and lasted through 1942. Source: The Encyclopedia of TV Game Shows 3rd ed. by Schwartz, Ryan, and Wostbrock

Who likes the tv show Code Lyoko?

OMG, love that show!!! So awesome and creative! MY favourite character is Yumi! I loike that show soooo much! you can watch episodes of it an cartoonetwork.com. my fav character is odd!

What are some popular TV game shows?

The Price Is Right, You Bet Your Life, Match Game, The Dating Game, Family Feud, Truth Or Consequences, Defination, The Mad Dash, Bumper Stumpers, & I Saw That ! Never Mind The Buzzcocks, Family Fortunes, Mock The Week, Are You Smarter Than A 10 Year Old, Deal or No Deal. Stuff like that.

Do Survivor TV contestants get training before the show on poisonous plants animals etc?

Survivors can read and learn about the area in which they will be living before heading out to film the show. It hasn't been declared as to whether or not the show tells them about the dangers before they are out in the elements. However, the contestants are constantly being cared for and watched ov (MORE)

Is the tv show The Game canceled?

Yes unfortunately the CW has cancelled the game. It was one of the best shows on the network and they made a horrible decision to end with a third season. It is a rumor for now that BET will try to pick it up and not only run reruns but try to negotiate a new contact for a new fourth season.

How many tv game shows have there been?

First you must decide just what is a TV game show, then how broad of TV viewers do you use to make a count of shows for example worldwide, broadcast, cable, closed circuit. Are sporting events also game shows and where is the line drawn because some game shows are also sporting events. Then how many (MORE)

Why do people like friends the tv show?

because they're the same people that think Modern Family is a great comedy tv show; they don't know real/good comedy, or any good television for that matter.

How many contestants have appeared on the Jeopardy TV show?

Jeopardy needs 400 new contestants per year. The original Jeopardy show hosted by Art Fleming came on the air from March 30 1964 until January 3 1975. A new syndicated Jeopardy Hosted by Alex Trebek has aired continuously since September 10 1984. That would mean under 15,000 contestants for USA Jeop (MORE)

Do you like the new TV show JONAS?

Yes, its very funny.. I don't really like it. But I've never really liked them anyway so... I guess the show is sort of funny, I did laugh, but not because it was funny, because it was stupid.. yeah i think its funny

TV shows like the saddle club?

does anyone know shows like the saddle club ? Horseland is a good horse show and it's kind of like The Saddle Club. It's a cartoon but when I watched it it reminded me of The Saddle Club.

Is there a TV show like Family Guy?

The question is a smidge vague but, Cleveland , American Dad , South Park , Drawn Together , Trippin' the Rift , maybe a little Simpsons have similar humor.

How do you get on family game night the tv show?

you have to have married parents and at least two siblings also you have to do this weird stuff. This statement is not true. I am watching the show right now and I see two parents and two kids not three or more. the show before this had one parent and one child. This question still needs to (MORE)

What serial killer was a contestant on the Dating Game TV show?

Before his appearance on the popular TV show The Dating Game in 1978, serial killer Rodney Alcala had already been convicted of the rape of an eight year old girl and had committed the murders of four women. He went on to be convicted of the murder of a 13 year old girl.

What do the hunger games contestants look like?

Peeta - Stocky, blonde, gentle guy Katniss - Tall, pretty, dark haired girl with hair in a plait Clove - A short but vicious dark haired girl Glimmer - Slim, blonde, pretty. Cato - Stocky, blonde, vicious guy. Fox face - Red haired, slim, wide eyed girl. Thresh - Stocky, strong, black guy. Rue - Sma (MORE)

Are Ireland tv shows like American shows?

Broadly some would be similar. There are soaps, current affairs,sports, chat shows, educational shows, drama, music etc. The stylewould be a bit different. As Ireland is smaller, there would be farless channels. A lot of American shows are shown on Irish tv too.