What is juvenile appetite disorder?

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No information about juvenile appetite disorder can be found, other than in connection to a case against a mother charged with murder in the death of her 13-year-old son. The cause of death was starvation due to "untreated juvenile appetite disorder." The disorder was not explained, nor is the term found except in connection to this one particular case.
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Are there any mental disorders commonly found in juvenile delinquents?

Oppositional defiant disorder, ADHD, the beginnings of sociological disorders, paranoia, separation issues, trust issues, etc... Look under the DSM IV, its the diagnostic crit

What are juveniles?

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What is a juvenile?

it means you've done something against the law when your under 18

What is appetite?

"Appetite" is defined as the desire to eat, while "hunger" is defined as the physical need for food. Appetite is often mistaken for hunger.

What is an appetite?

A feeling of craving something, the term "appetite" is most commonly used in the context of an appetite for food or drink.

Is loss of appetite an eating disorder?

Eh, not as far as i know! But i could be wrong... Maybe your thinking of anorexia? THAT is an eating disorder but not necessarily a loss of appetite. Sorry if i didn't a

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What are some gastrointestinal tract disorders that include abdomen pain and loss of appetite?

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Various appetite stimulant medications are available if there is a medical condition suppressing the appetite, such as dementia, cancer or cancer therapy, AIDS, etc. The th
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What disorder occurs in juvenile arthritis?

the synovial membrane becomes intensely inflamed. Usually thin and delicate, the synovium becomes thick and stiff, with numerous infoldings on its surface. The membrane become